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Fun with Dick and Jacques!

It has come to my attention that some of you are not familiar with the phenomenon that is Jacques Preppernau. Unfortunately, hellopoe has most of the relevant posts flocked...except for this one! You see that guy? Always seen hanging out with Dick and Logan? Known in some circles as "Random cowlick 09er dude"?

(BREAKING NEWS! Relevant posts are now public! Click, monkeys, click!)

hellopoe and I decided a month ago that he should not be so random, in a conversation cut for S2 spoilers:

hellopoe: OKAY you know what else? Boy needs a name. Any suggestions?
spectralbovine: Pierre Preppernau.
hellopoe: OMG did you just make him the coach's son?? Ha!
spectralbovine: Hey, Butters turned out to be Clemmons's son. And Trina turned out to be Moorehead's daughter. It could happen!
hellopoe: Oh, your logic is solid, I have no problems there. We need to rethink the Pierre part, though. I mean, sure sure, French class and all. But Pierre? No.
spectralbovine: Jacques? Fun with Dick and Jacques would be a good show.

Jean? Fun with Dick and Jean would be a good show.

hellopoe: Jacques! Jacques it is. Jacques Preppernau is the greatest name EVER. And Fun with Dick and Jacques would be an instant hit. Tell Rob!

Props also go to naty_, who seems to be a superstar JP-spotter. This is why we love Neptune High, people. Because it feels real. Because we can actually go looking for Jacques fucking Preppernau. Who has a name because of me. This is my contribution to the fandom. My flimsy, irrelevant contribution to the fandom.

In related news, spadada identified OMG SHELLY 1.0!!!! in the last episode. She's baaaaack! Shelly and Jacques should totally date, right? Jacques/Shelly OTP!

Tags: bad destiny's child references, fandom love, glorification of extras, i am so awesome, lj friends, pimpings, veronica mars
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