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Exactly How Many Times Have You Had to Say That in Your Life?

Another episode already? Wow, I really got used to that whole hiatus thing.

LONGEST. PREVIOUSLIES. EVER. They were, like, three minutes long. I'm not kidding. And about a third of it didn't end up being wholly relevant. Curly Moran what? Gia what? Although I think the Gia clip was in there to cast suspicion on Woody despite no one in the actual episode directly suspecting Woody.

I must say there was a bit of nostalgia at the beginning there, with the shot of flashback-Veronica discovering Lilly's body, the shot that nearly every previously in the first season started with.

Another good episode, this was! Jane is pretty, and she got to talk and stuff. Good for her! And Heidi really did look like her sister, except how the hell old is she supposed to be? Her friends looked thirty. I get that she had to be much older than Jane, or else she wouldn't be all "You're 12" to Veronica.

Random note: I love the rising chord at the end of the teaser that takes us into the credits.

The MOTW was stronger this week (the lack of Kristin Cavallari sure helped), but I was mostly just following along for the ride. It was actually more confusing than last week's in that it was really hard to see any of the pieces until they were put together, whereas last week there were clear red herrings and clues. By the time you get to the end and realize it was all about the ring, you have to go, "DUH. They made a big fucking deal about the ring in her very first scene!"

Speaking of: OMG! "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General"! In a karaoke bar! That was great.

I'm liking Vinnie much more this season than I did in "Kanes and Abel's." He's turned into more of a character than a caricature, and he's proving his mettle. Very slick with the false text message and false fax (though I honestly didn't get any of the fax stuff and how it worked), and a sly parallel with Logan's false e-mail.

Heidi kicked ass at the wedding, I must say. Screw you, Paul Mann, and your old money. Heidi was also awesome before that, actually, as she pointed out that Veronica took a tiny step, and there conclusions were.

Wallace was kind of wasted. And he and Jane seem to have quickly settled into a comfortable stage in their relationship. Not as clingy as they were at the carnival.

So, Beaver and Kendall. What the frell are they up to, huh? Because Beaver's clearly setting Kendall up for a fall, which is why everything's in her name, but Kendall does seem to be smarter than she looks ("It makes my breasts smaller?" Hee.). And while I initially thought he'd taken the incorporation into account, on a rewatch of the FBLA scene (Mr. Pope! I love Mr. Pope), Beaver does look worried about the plummeting prices of the property he's purportedly been procuring. Pope's laudation of his business skillz is meant to be ironic. Maybe he's not the criminal mastermind we'd like him to be.

The Tinseltown Horror thing was AWESOME. They even worked in a Clash of the Titans still, haaaaa. And they brought back the bum fights! Yay! And how much of an asshole is Dick for making Logan watch it with him? And how clueless are Standards and Practices to let the "tossed salads" line through? I mean, could they not even tell it was dirty? Did they actually think Aaron lost weight because TOSSING LETTUCE AROUND IS SUCH A WORKOUT?

And hmm to the Aaron and Kendall business. What are they up to? How powerful is Kendall's cleavage? What could they do with a strand of Duncan's hair from his shower? And aww to the Veronica/Duncan picture in the bathroom. Well done, props.

Hannah is a nipple-stealer! That dirty harlot! And she uses the word "eschew"! I don't trust her. But oh God, the conversation between her and her mother was so great. She's totally the Loganites' surrogate:

"Bum fights!"
"That was SO LONG AGO OMG."

Logan's sending that e-mail is so devious. That kid is so evil. I wonder how "CONDOMS" is more damning than "birth control," though.

And sweet Jesus, Hannah. With the sex! And we don't know if they actually did it. What's great about this is that I don't think Logan wanted it to go that far. Fucking Logan doesn't want to have sex with this girl, but she wants it, and it's all so deliciously self-loathing.

I've been meaning to say this somewhere, but I am inexplicably loving Dr. Griffith, mostly due to his mere existence. Way back when, he was just this random informant, and then he was this random doctor, and he's grown into a central character, and that's one of the things I love about this show. You never know who or what will rise in importance.

Relatedly, as much as I don't like the Duncan-kidnapping thing (in that it's a result of the comababy and Meg's dying), I love how it's continually being used. Last week, it was a sign of Veronica's Kryptonite-like effect, and this week, it's both an effective ploy to cast suspicion on Duncan by Aaron and a cute inside joke from Vinnie. I like that the show doesn't forget things. Except the fact that Keith can never trust Veronica ever again.

I find it amusing that "Logan shows remorse" is an OMGWTF cliffhanger for this show. But what could this horrible thing be? Is it the fact that he's afraid the Fitzpatricks are going to go after the Griffiths? Because, well, you were only saving your own skin; I don't particularly blame you for that. It's your means, not the ends, that concern me.

Finally, there was a bus crash. I love that Keith is trying his best to work with Lamb because he needs his resources and that Lamb kind of humors him. And Keith is the one doing detective work, following up on possible leads. So at least he knows the evidence was planted, and nobody seems to be concerned with the fact that it's Woody's hangar. Very strange. I mean, there were planes there too, which means Woody must use it as well.

In conclusion, if Terrence broke into that house to get a fucking spy pen, I'm punching Rob in the face.
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