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Quantum Leap of Faith

Dude. I teleconferenced today.

Things are blowing up!! I like when things blow up! But let's start at the beginning.

So, so goddamn tired of the fake previouslies. Guess Lee did have a talk with Dualla about going to Pegasus. And did that Starbuck/Roslin talk ever happen? I don't remember it. It really bugs me that Starbuck's quest to return to Caprica has taken place almost entirely in the previouslies. And why didn't they show a previously that explained where they got the heavy Raider from? That's something I honestly needed reminding about!

Some very strange music in the teaser. I don't think Bear is very successful when he steps outside his normal style; it never seems to fit for the show.

Hey, look, it's Racetrack! We were just talking about how hot she was the other day. Good to see her again.

The Chief scenes were...damn. Very scary, all Saving Private Ryan-like, and I was afraid he was going to kill Cally. And I was afraid they were going to make him a Cylon, which, no!

Dean Stockwell was awesome. I think he was the funniest character the show has ever had, not counting the Baltar/Six Comedy Duo. "Maybe because I'm a Cylon and I've never seen you at any of the meetings." I like that he was very much able to cut through the bullshit, which is what these characters need to do. A lot.

Chief's "I think I'm a Cylon" plotline would have worked better if it were, I don't know, an actual plotline and not something almost completely out of the blue. It feels somewhat more organic than Apollo's random death wish, since he's had a tough fucking time since Pegasus, but Boomer's "I think I'm a Cylon" plotline took an entire season. Because it was important. Is this supposed to be important? Or is it just to give the Chief something to do? This is the same criticism that's been leveled against the show time and time again this season: the show's taking us places without having earned it.

Racetrack's dialogue when they found the new planet was painful. What the hell, Ron? You didn't think we'd realize that if the planet were habitable, they'd want to settle down on it? What I don't get is why they didn't assume it was Earth. Like, do any of them know what Earth looks like? How are they supposed to recognize it? Do they think there's going to be a big sign?

Ooh, Baltar vs. Roslin. I especially enjoyed that last debate, when Baltar pulled out the "Dubyan culture of fear" card, which is exactly what Tory had warned against. And I cracked up when Roslin told Baltar to go frak himself. The woman is cracking. It's kind of sad. I miss the old Roslin.

Shut up, Lee's photograph in Dee's locker.

R.I.P. Raptor 612. I'd always wondered whether jumping into a solid was a hazard of that sort of space travel, and it turns out...yes. That's got to suck. I wonder how that works, really. Because you can jump through space since it's a vacuum: you are all the matter there is. But if you jump into a mountain, your atoms are trying to occupy the same space as the mountain's atoms. If you displace the mountain's atoms...where do they go? If the mountain's atoms simply disallow you to exist...where do you go?

I will admit I liked seeing Starbuck and Anders reunited. That was cute. Samuel T. Anders is such a stupid name. Kara Thrace is such a cool name.

Things are blowing up!! I like when things blow up!

All in all, I was expecting a little more awesomeness, but I'm guessing they're saving it all for next week. This week felt like a whole lot of setup. I hope the payoff kicks a lot of ass.

This was probably the last BSG I'll watch on time. Curse you, Pacific Time Zone!
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