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I Am the Voice Inside Your Head

And I control you.

It's about fucking time an episode kicked ass like this.

Let's talk about this teaser, shall we? Because I love the dramatic NINE MONTHS AGO followed by a drum-accompanied CAPRICA, as we get the first part of a scene we saw back in the mini. It's so lovely that Six is telling Baltar about the fact that she can't die, she'll just go to a new body, only seconds before she basically saves his life and dies standing up because the tableau is much more aesthetically pleasing than if she'd tossed them both to the ground.

And then the editing of Six's memories? LOVE. God, it gives me chills, the flow of the fast cuts, some repeating, one or two scenes that show in real time for effect, SO AWESOME.

Then Six wakes up in Matrix goo, and her buddies are there, and it's very disorienting, as one would imagine. And then Baltar is there OMG IS HE A CYLON?! No, he isn't. OH MY GOD SIX HAS A BALTAR IN HER HEAD I FUCKING LOVE THIS. Brilliance, guys. Brilliance. If I haven't said it before, and I'm sure I have, Baltar/Six is one of my very favorite things about the show, so I adore that there is now Six/Baltar. And it's so perfect because, dude, Six died. That is a traumatic fucking experience, and I can totally buy that it triggered a psychosis similar to Baltar's. Add to that the fact that she really did love him, it seems, and it's twenty kinds of awesome wrapped in a package of awesome.

Then, suddenly, TEN WEEKS AGO. Huh? Where? Oh: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. And...dude! They're going to go through another Cylon death! This is so damn cool! Another sweet editing job, and back to the Goo of Covering Nudity. And poor Sharon, who went through enough existential crises when she was alive, freaks the fuck out now that she's died.

After the teaser, I proclaimed that this episode just may kick a lot of ass, and I turned out to be right.

Present day, Cylon occupied Caprica! Eeee!! I just love the phrase "Cylon occupied Caprica" for some reason. It really dances on the tongue. I got a little worried here because it felt somewhat contrived that Six was still having problems adjusting after nine frickin' months. Personally, I've never died and been downloaded into the same body, but I can't imagine it would be that difficult to get used to. Now, I know Six has been having psychological issues, but that bit of dialogue seemed much more for the audience than for D'Anna. I wish we'd gotten to see a little more of those nine months for the Six and Sharon models that basically carried this episode, because I have to assume they're not the ones we saw in the MST3K room at the end of "Final Cut." Maybe the Sharon, actually, whose cute little "I told you I was alive!" would be in-character. Not the Six, though. Caprica Six is a very new, very interesting character. With a Baltar in her head who is so perfect. He fulfills a different role than Baltar's Six, but yet, he still clearly represents the parts of her she tries to deny.

I'm going to take care of the minimal Galactica stuff now. I didn't expect the baby to be born already, and so...anti-climactically. I thought it was finale material, but it looks as if they've got bigger things planned for that business. Aw, the baby's named Hera. Let's throw some more Greek mythology into the mix. But HA HA HA to the airlock talk. Roslin loves airlocks like Adama loves slow claps. It's sure going to suck if they gave the baby to a Cylon. All the possible mothers must have just recently lost babies, making it unlikely that they are Cylons, because Cylons don't go around getting pregnant. Usually. And, finally, great scene with Baltar and Six because you realize that Baltar wasn't in on the devious plan. He honestly thinks the baby's dead too, or else his subconscious wouldn't be giving him shit about it. And throwing him into walls. Baltar is SO FUCKING CRAZY. I love him.

You know, Tricia Helfer has played so many different versions of Six, and she's managed to give them all distinct personalities. And it's all very subtle; it's not just in her deliveries but in the way she carries herself. They probably cast her because they wanted a hot model (pun intended), but boy, did they get lucky.

In Sharon's apartment, we see Baltar play the role Six so often plays for Baltar. He guides her, tells her what to do, because she can't see the proper course of action, clouded by her emotions. The moment when he prompts her twice and they both speak in concert is wonderful. Baltar + Six is CRAZY LOVE.

And in a great twist, Baltar makes Six paranoid, just as Six makes Baltar paranoid. Okay, maybe he does play the same role. But not exactly! He's got a very different vibe, obviously. He's not as sexually aggressive; instead, he's got a heightened sense of self-importance.

Oh man, she didn't know Baltar was alive all this time. Oh man. I want her and Baltar to be reunited. They're so my OTP for this show.

Doral serves food to Doral. Heh.

Okay, skipping to the post-explosion parts, because that's where the good shit is. First of all, D'Anna's reaction to Six's injury is very, very interesting. Because this is the Cylon view of death: whatever. Death is practically meaningless, and, hey, you get a brand new body, so why suffer in this one? Is the trauma of dying all that bad? How many times has D'Anna died to be so blasé about "putting [Six] out of [her] misery"?

Next incredibly juicy piece of dialogue: Six and Sharon are celebrities in a society based on conformity. A race of people who go only by numbers, who share those numbers, and these two are special. They are more important than the others because they were instrumental in the destruction of humanity. Heroes, these two, and that's why they're dangerous. Any time D'Anna had the gun, I was so afraid she was going to shoot one or both of them, and yet, I was confident she wouldn't because she wanted to box them, not give them new life.

Of note: historically, the Six model has been very disdainful of the Sharon model. Yet, here we see them bond over their shared status and tainted love of humanity.

Starbuck was in this episode in dog tags only, and it was nice that Anders wasn't vocally mooning over her. But someone frakked up, because Starbuck's been gone for months, and D'Anna said she was there a couple weeks ago. Anders wasn't so bad in this episode, really, and one can only imagine what was going on in his head, like, "What the frak is going on?!"

Oh man: the idea that maybe the Cylon God didn't sanction the extinction of humanity. How does that gel with Galactica Boomer's idea that perhaps humanity doesn't deserve to survive? I think these two Sharons need to have a sit-down. Also, I'll take this opportunity to stick up for Grace Park because I don't think she's as terrible an actor as most everyone else does.

Finally, their last lines: "We're alive." What does alive mean to the Cylons? It was Doral who used the word first, and clearly Sharon spun another connotation into it. To Doral, alive is simply "not dead," but to Sharon and Six, alive is something else, something connected to the humans, who really are alive, who possess life. Without death, how can there be life? Isn't death what makes life so important? The fact that it ends?

You know, I made that Matrix reference at the beginning, and it occurs to me that Sharon and Six are going to be the Neos of the Cylon. They're enlightened. They're going to show them a whole new way of looking at things.

Man. Such a great episode. And I can't wait for Jacob's recap because he's going to analyze the shit out of this.
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