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What Is with This Show and Its Obsession with Oxygen?

I always feel like I should have some sort of text here before the cut.

Well, that wasn't too bad, but man, has the second half of this season been uneven as all hell (and barely resembling the first half of the season, which I loved).

First of all: Lee/Dualla is SO ANNOYING AND I CANNOT TAKE IT MUCH LONGER. Thanks for skipping an entire month of their fictional relationship and skipping right to the part where they're lovingly frakking in secret and talking to each other naked and being all schmoopy and WHO ARE THESE FUCKING PEOPLE? How did this happen? Why did this happen? STOP HAPPENING. I don't want to spoil Farscape for the people still going through it at the moment (because it's totally the in thing to do), but that one relationship that comes out of nowhere and remains important throughout most of the series? Still makes more sense than this.

Oh wait, I forgot the previouslies. It's so cute when they put scenes in the previouslies we never saw in the first place. Gina told Baltar to run for president? That's news! Adama assigned an engineer to command Pegasus? Oh, THANKS FOR TELLING US.

Cally!! Chief!! It's good to see you guys again, even if you're only helping start the B plot.

I really have no idea what the situation on Pegasus is supposed to be, and what Apollo's and Starbuck's relations are to the ship, and what they're both supposed to be doing there. Except getting pissy with each other for no apparent reason. I'm not even certain, does Apollo know it was Starbuck who shot him? Did he see?

Cool scene where Starbuck deciphers the garbled transmission. She was like Veronica Mars, with the acumen and the jumping to conclusions! Who was that other female officer with her, though? She's kind of hot; we should see her again. And speaking of hot, where the hell is Seelix?!

Um, I feel like not a lot happened in this episode.

Garner, you stupid fuck. It was pretty frakking awesome when those Basestars jumped in and proceeded to immediately blow the shit out of them. I love those wacky Cylons.

I don't even understand how Garner died or what he was trying to fix and how he was trying to fix it and how it related to the FTL drive and why does everyone die of oxygen deprivation? But it gave Apollo a chance to show his chops in the CIC.

I don't know whether they showed Starbuck and the Vipers upside down to be cool and artistic or whether some idiot flipped the footage. The latter will be confirmed if in a later episode Baltar is standing on the ceiling.

Hi, Gaeta! Here are your three seconds and one line. Bye, Gaeta! Got to fulfill that contract somehow!

The only reason Apollo magically got promoted to Major in the Month That Never Was was so that he could rise to Commander here. And it's easy to cry nepotism, but he did prove himself in the heat of battle, and apparently, there's, like, no one else on the ship who can command Pegasus. This is what happens when you kill Cain. You're left to clean up her mess.

I liked that last Lee/Kara scene. It's nice when they get stuff off their chests and hug away their pain. It's like they're two lost souls connected by spiritual twine.

Right, so the B plot. Abortion rights, woo! I really don't know how much of an impact criminalizing abortion would have without knowing how common abortion is among the fleet. Because, yes, I agree that repopulation is kind of important, and you shouldn't be killing babies when Cylons are wiping out adults all the time. But, yes, I agree that that's a legal right in the Colonies and thus should remain so. And the issue is really clouded when you're in the middle of an election and you don't want to lose an entire legion of potential voters.

Can a vice president run against the president in an election? How the hell does that even work? Because wouldn't he be on both tickets?

I must say, however, that I love Baltar. I mean, I've said it time and time again; he's one of my favorite characters. But man: counseling Roslin one way and then publicly denouncing his own private counsel ahahahaha. He's been upgraded from Bastard to Magnificent Bastard. (Also: whee, Playa, the pretty reporter Baltar totally frakked in a bathroom stall!) Baltar and Lionel Luthor should be pals.

And there was Six with a slow clap, and Adama wasn't even around to appreciate it.
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