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The Circle of Death

I'm not feeling very inspired, but yet, I have a few things to say.

The previews made this episode look even worse than last week's, but I definitely liked it more. I mean, did you see the flippy ships?! They were flippy!! Plus, no random space hookers. And at least we've seen the Romantic Interest from the Paaaaaaast before.

I did have a kneejerk to yet another "X hours ago," but at least it wasn't 48! And I ended up really liking the framing device. That's the kind of nonlinear storytelling I can get behind. This is the way you do it: throw us into the action, and keep us there as you enrich what's really going on by showing us how they got there.

Is anyone else really disconcerted by the huge jumps in time these days? I mean, the first season-and-a-half crawled along, and now we're skipping weeks in between episodes. I guess it kind of works in this instance because you at least get a sense of what you've been missing, which is a lot of bitching between Kat and Starbuck, and a lot of pilots dying, and a lot of Baltar masturbating. Come on, that's just a given.

Why did it take twenty goddamn episodes for them to follow up on the fact that the Raiders have more of a consciousness than they expected? And the fact that they reincarnate? Right, because they probably just decided this last Monday. I mean, Raiders with personality is a cool concept, and they should have been playing it with way more. And Scar shouldn't be some random nemesis introduced in one episode that's been terrorizing them for four weeks we didn't see.

Speaking of weeks, I was thinking about the fact that they use the same units of time we do and call them by the same names. What's the etymology of "minute" and "hour" and "day"? Is this evidence that they're the future, not the past?

Great scene between Boomer and Starbuck. Except I have no idea why Boomer knows anything about Scar and what he feels. Perhaps they were BFF back in the day.

I wonder if Aaron Douglas sometimes looks at his scenes and thinks, "So...I'm in the hangar...because I'm the Chief...but I don't actually do anything pertinent to my character...um, do I really have to show up for this?" I mean, they didn't bother to get Nicki Clyne, and Cally would have conceivably been there too.

Why the fuck is Anders popping up in Starbuck's head now? She hasn't mentioned him in ages. How can he be her something to live for now? I actually don't even mind the fact that she's obsessed with him because, hey, sometimes these things happen. But this randomly triggered angst is bizarre, and it's really enough to have her sparring with Kat. Who's really moving up in the world, tertiary-characterwise. It's kind of sad that she was actually not so much in the wrong with her criticisms of Starbuck. Buck up, Starbuck! Okay, that was bad and I know it.

Riley's girlfriend is pretty. She looks like a cross between Anna Paquin and Amber Tamblyn.

I know I bitched about the hyperedited flashbacks last week, but they were far more effective this week. I liked them. Again, because we actually knew what the fuck they were. Really nice crosscutting of visual associations (throwing the bottle -> throwing the pyramid ball, doing body shots off her stomach -> Anders kissing her stomach, etc.).

The drinking scene (well, the last one) was weird at the end. Starbuck lists all the pilots who've died (and dude, when your callsign's Fireball, you're just asking for trouble...although Crashdown didn't end up actually crashing down), and then she stops, like she's trying to get one last name out, and I think she's trying to say, "Zak," but he was pre-apocalypse and doesn't count, I suppose.

Apollo thinks, "Well, I should help her out." So he helpfully adds, "To all of them." Um...what? That's your glorious addition? How many brain cells did it take to come up with that?

And then there's a silence, and Adama thinks, "Holy shit, this is a perfect time for my catchphrase!" So he awkwardly adds in a, "So say we all!" And everyone so says them all. It was weird, guys.

That final Helo/Starbuck scene is adorable. I didn't get why they were being all chummy because it feels like we've hardly seen them interact...ever, but then I realized that he's pretty much the only person who gets her deal with Anders. Also, apparently they used to be friends and all.

All in all, it felt much more like BSG, even if it wasn't a stellar episode. Still decent, though.

Also, in that one scene, Starbuck and Kat were totally going to make out.
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