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Do You Know What Any Words Actually Mean?


Or...let's not fight. It's a new week.

I was hoping the episode would live up to the awesome title, and I do believe it did. This is my show, with the continuity and the sleuthing and the season-long themes and the snappy dialogue that makes me laugh.

First of all...OH YEAH THERE WAS A BUS CRASH. I love it when they actually have clues for the Big Mystery of the Season. Last season, I was impressed with the way they juggled stand-alone and arcs, but the balancing act this year isn't so hot because they have THREE THOUSAND ARCS. But I've been going with it, it's new, it's different, and time will tell how many plates end up falling on the ground and breaking and how many plates twirl beautifully. And that's all I'm going to say about that now because if you know me at all, it's that I'm all about accentuating the positive. Well, as long as the episode doesn't suck.

Wait, we start out at Java the Hut, because Veronica totally still works there when they need a scene with cake in it. Except they didn't even show me Cute as a Bug Manager! Dammit! I like her! Anyway, it's time to put last week behind us and focus on Wallace, baby. He's in the title, after all. Oh, Wallace. We missed you. And now it's time for you to be a man.

The title of this post is now probably one of my top...twenty, at least...VM quotes ever. It's not particularly clever on its own, but in context, it's hilarious. And I love Cliff. "Or that."

Keith! Oh, you fucking rock. You really didn't need those headphones, but the audience thanks you, especially for making "One Angry Veronica" useful in some way. I love this show for so often hiding setups so you don't even realize they were setups until you hit the payoff. It makes the extremely awkward setups ("Hi! I am a random deputy who will randomly give you access to a random club in the future! Now, back to your regularly scheduled episode.") that much more annoying. And Rick Pickett, you are too funny: the name of Keith's fake book is Those Who Trespass. Although I've just learned it's actually a real book by Bill O'Reilly, in which case Rick probably had nothing to do with it. But, Rick, you're still funny.

I knew this was going to happen, but I didn't know it was going to happen so soon: I...didn't hate Jackie this episode. Because I think she had every right to be pissed at Wallace. Which made me dislike the fakeout a little because I even found her behavior at the frat party perfectly within reason. I want to see when the three of them hatched this little plan and how they sorted out their issues enough to work together, because...yeah. But she does win points for helping Veronica and Wallace with their little scheme. Though Wallace is awesomely not running back into her arms and is instead dating Jane Kuhne! Eeeheehee. She's cute, but I swear she looks subtly different every time we see her.

From the promo, I wasn't happy about Wallace suddenly being framed for the hit-and-run, but I actually liked how it played out. It's very much in line with the rest of the season, the way the rich and influential can get away with whatever they want. Wallace's word is worth nothing compared to Uncle Rucker's cash and connections. Also: Nathan Woods still exists!

"A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum Suites." Ahahahahaha. Perfect.

You know, if that's all Super Huge Deputy was going to do, we really could have lived without his scene last week. We're accustomed to the fact that the deputies are nice to Veronica and do her favors. I would have bought an extra line of retroactive exposition in return from him this episode. Oh, well. Got to explain things to the non-obsessives.

Speaking of non-obsessives: very clunky VMVO about Veronica still considering herself the bus crash target. And since we're on that subject, I find it highly amusing that many people didn't seem to put two and two together after "Rat Saw God" and realize that the dead rat was what Dick, who is no smellologist, had smelled, and now we find out that was the plot point. Also, I like Gia. She amuses me. And oh my God, Woody is SO SKETCH now. Well, more sketch. Somehow, he knew about the bomb. I hope that's not a red herring.

Logan's playing the same golf game he was playing to re-bond with Duncan! And now he's bonding with Weevil! Aww.

Loved the Lars karaoke continuity. And the Britt Daniels cameo was much better than Courtney Taylor-Taylor's. They even gave him a couple lines and some motivation! I was annoyed that he was holding his microphone all rock star-like, though. It's fucking karaoke, dude. You're not rocking out with Spoon. But I liked that his song made Veronica happy.

Hee to Veronica's discovery of Weevil and Logan being "sneaky." Like, sitting two goddamn tables from each other. And the horse's ass thing was priceless. Also, Veronica? You have no problem listening into people's private counseling sessions or snooping through their medical records, but you draw the line at bugging a confessional? In any case, the "I'm going to hell. I'm going straight to hell" bit was great, as was Father Patrick's little lesson about vengeance ("Okay, I've learned a lot, I think I'll be good now..." Kristen Bell cracks me up).

There wasn't enough Keith/Veronica fallout, though I find it interesting that Keith didn't mention that he totally already knew about the bug. Their relationship is so goddamn complicated because keeping secrets is just second nature to them.

Dude! Weevil! PCHer coup! I was surprised to see it actually happen. I was kind of amused that we cut from a menacing shot of the PCHers crowding around Weevil...to a shot of Weevil already beaten up. Heh. Rob knows they don't do violence well. But I thought they were just going to leave him hanging.

Interesting note: Hector is totally having second thoughts. I mean, this should be pretty obvious, because the actor who plays him has been overacting all season. The actor who plays Thumper, however, is doing a good job, given his character's name. Very interesting cell phone vid of Weevil beating the crap out of Curly Moran. But I say this: Thumper did not confess to killing Felix. The murder is so not solved. Because it was Cervando. Cervando, I say! And so does Rae! (soundingsea and I have worked out that Cervando and Thumper were secret lovers, hence the covering for him.)

Oh! Random Terrence Cook/Ms. Dumass connection. Huh. From a random adultery case. I don't know what to make of it, and I don't know what to make of Lamb's random accusation of Terrence. Except that I wonder if it has to do with his not settling his gambling debts.

Well. I'm not sure how, but I feel like this is one of the best episodes of the season. So much plot progression, very little to complain about. I have a feeling the second half of the season may just kick quite a bit of ass.

I leave you with this amusing chat excerpt:

spectralbovine: But the episode lived up to its great title.
spectralbovine: I was going to be sad if the episode sucked with a title that great.
thetheatremouse: Yeah. I can never decide whether a bad ep with a good title makes me sad, or is a small consolation.
thetheatremouse: I mean, sadder than a bad ep in general would be.
spectralbovine: I know this is unpopular, but I'm rather fond of the title "Lord of the Bling."
spectralbovine: It's such an Entertainment Weekly title.
thetheatremouse: I am too!
spectralbovine: If there's anything I like more than good puns, it's bad puns.
thetheatremouse: I was surprised to hear that people don't like it.
thetheatremouse: That's what I said!
spectralbovine: Why are you not here so we can hug?
Jediknight1823: Yeah Lord of the Bling was a good title.
thetheatremouse: It's a so-bad-it's-good pun.
thetheatremouse: No, why are you not here so we can hug and then count in the Nielsens?
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