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Sackh Off Like Katee

If you would like to tell me where in the Whedonverse I belong, feel free.

Okay, before I get to the episode post, I have to note two pieces of awesomeness: Glark loved my filk and Jacob (mostlikely2) pimped it in the episode thread! Holy shit!

That's kind of like my reaction to the first new episode of Battlestar Galactica in like FOREVER!

Oh my God, I missed this show. I caught some of "Flight of the Phoenix" during the marathon yesterday and got sucked back in. And then I watched the last ten minutes of "Pegasus" to get stoked for the new episode.

Oh, criminy, did you see the flippy ships?! The Vipers were all flying through each other and trying not to run into each other and flipping around and doing fancy maneuvers...and then when they all changed course to attack Starbuck, it was just beautiful. The formations. I mean, is all that computer-generated? All of that? It's so fluid and natural-looking.

I loved that Cain obviously admired Starbuck's efforts and that she was clearly interested in the intel she provided because she wanted to defeat the Cylons. That's the thing about Cain: on a purely superficial level, she's on the right side, the side that wants to take out the folks who blew up humanity. It's not like she's some eeeeevil mastermind who wants to rule the universe. It's not so much her goals but her tactics that turn her into a villain.

It's kind of funny that Cain chooses Colonial One as neutral ground, considering it's Roslin's territory, and Roslin is anything but neutral. Loved Adama's little "I wouldn't count on it" dig. Later on, that Adama/Roslin scene was great (oh God, are they really going to kill off Roslin? SHE CANNOT DIE!! You know, I don't think I liked her all that much in the beginning, but things change). They're so the Mommy and Daddy of the fleet, and it felt weird to see some seeds of, well, Mommy/Daddy in there since Roslin totally has a crush on Lee. And who would've thought she would be the one to suggest they kill Cain?

Cain suuuuuucks. Stripping civilian ships for parts? Killing their families? I think those actions speak for themselves; we don't need an anvilicious "I thought the Cylons were the enemy, now it's us?"

Oh, Tyrol and Helo. You boys and your robot girlfriends. When will you ever learn?

Clinging as I do to my notion that Baltar's Six is a product of his subconscious, I have to wonder about the implications of her pyramid story. We never did see much of his relationship with the real Six back on Caprica.

I'm having trouble writing this post because nothing happened. The episode was so good even though nothing happened. It was all setup, basically. Setup and character. Many nice, subtle comparisons and contrasts of Adama and Cain.

Frak it all, I'm skipping to the end because it was awesome. I am sure it escaped none of you that Adama's plan for Starbuck is pretty much identical to Boomer's assassination attempt on him. And I love that in his head, he's probably thinking, "Hey...it totally worked! Except she should have shot me in the head!" It's interesting to note that Adama's plan is very personal: it's a lone assassin taking out her target. Cain, on the other hand, has her XO ordering other Marines to take out Adama. A very military operation, there. Execute Code Orange vs. Downfall.

I loved the crosscutting. When Cain first began explaining her plan to her XO, I caught the "very reliable, very loyal" part and could see kind of where she was going, but I didn't realize she was plotting a counterassassination until a little more into the scene. It created so much tension even though I already knew the "punchline," as it were. I was so drawn in that the end of the episode took me completely by surprised. The episode is over? Noooo!!

Oh, BSG. I am so glad you're back. And with VM on hiatus right now, you're clearly the best show on television. And...um, maybe even when it gets back. But don't worry, VM, you're still my favorite show. Just because. Come on, we're talking about a spaceship of drama here. And I love that spaceship like Adama loves slow claps.

P.S. I kept wanting Galactica to Starburst.
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