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Oh So Sad We Love You Madly Want to Take You Home

The holiday meme reached 5000 comments, which means no one can get any more love. More importantly, however, it means I can't thank the anonymous people for the wonderful things they said about me. So I am using this post to do that, as well as preserve those comments, because they meant a lot to me.


*smooches and hugs*


Here's what I know about you even though we are not el jay "friends": Your comments on our mutual friends' journals make me laugh. Your Lamb recap on RoL made me roll around laughing. Okay, maybe not literally, but figuratively I was certainly on the floor laughing my fool head right off. Your responses are always amusing and when needed, kind. I'm glad you're around.


Aw, thank you! That's very nice of you. I'm glad I've brought some laughter into your life.


Oh you know you're awesome. What am I even doing here? ;D


You always know exactly what to say to make me laugh, or feel better about myself. Plus, you're like the god of grammar. Oh, and you are totally our source for all info related to VM, with your friendship with Rob. I honestly think you are one of the awesome-ist guys I know.


I think you mean "awesomest."

(Thank you! I'm glad to make you feel better about yourself...WHOEVER YOU ARE.)


Yeah, that was totally on purpose. I thought it would be funner that way!

Anonymous hobviously:

I hate doing things anonymously, but I'm giving it the old college try just for you. This should immediately clue you in to my identity.

Of all the people I've ever interacted with online, you're one of the people whose opinion I most respect. This is a bit odd because we actually disagree on a number of issues. I'm not generally a person who worries about what others think of me, but your approval actually means something to me.

You are hysterical.

You are kind and giving, and yet manage to be sassy and pleasantly elitist.

You are wonderfully caring.

You're brilliant.

You should love yourself more. I do.


I totally don't know who you are (you forgot "You're a moron"), but thank you so much.


You're a moron, too! But you're my moron. So cut her the hell down...I mean, wait.


you're a great guy. i always look forward to reading your posts on my flist.

you also have pretty kick-ass taste in music.


I have the BEST taste in music! Thanks!)


The fact that you exist in the same world as I makes me happy.

Sometimes as I’m walking somewhere I may suddenly start laughing. That happens quite often actually. Many times it has happened because something you’ve said (read: written) popped into my mind. And sometimes that makes me sad or at least wistful; it would be nice if you knew whenever you brought joy to other people’s lives.

You are witty, smart and sensitive. You are so cool without trying to be cool and that is what makes you cool. (I’m not being repetitive here, am I?)


Whoever you are, thank you so much. One of the things that most concerns me is whether people ever bother to think of me when I'm not around. Thank you for letting me know I've brought joy into your life. Even if you don't use the serial comma.

Also, I think I try way too hard to be cool.)



You are a great and wonderful person and friend. You bring joy (and good grammar) to the VM4 and the GG:MM (and my eyes are so thankful). Listening to your f.b.s.e. song on my iPod makes me laugh (and look entirely crazy as I walk down the street). You deserve bigger and better things than you have right now, and believe that you will get them, and more.


You have the song on your iPod? Haaa. Well, thank you for believing in me.)


You are truly one of the coolest guys I've ever known. If I were younger and single I'd be hunting you down. I'd tie you up, throw you in the back of my car, and away we'd go.

Well, maybe not. Maybe I'd just coerce you into letting me kidnap you.

Or maybe we'd just talk for hours about aardvarks and Snood and then I'd go home.

But now to get serious: I don't talk to you nearly as much as I used to and I miss you a lot. I want to watch Veronica Mars just so I'll have something more to talk about with you.



I really suck because I feel like I should know who you are. Because I haven't talked about aardvarks and Snood since...whenever the last time was. You should talk to me.)

The reason I must keep all these lovely comments in one place is to remind myself that I'm not entirely worthless. Because I may be witty, smart, sensitive, cool, kind, giving, brilliant, hysterical, kind, caring, sassy, elitist, and awesome, but none of it matters when I'm looking for a job. None of it. Not a whit. Not one iota. Zip. Zero. Nada.

(We have Nada III.)
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