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And I Can't Use Magic, Right?

Item the First: Couch Baron mentioned me in his recap!! I got a shout-out shout-out! And this, this right here is a shout-out shout-out shout-out!

Item the Second: Missed a pimping. sneaker328 wants you to rejoin her supercool Harry Potter board.

Item the Third: There was an episode.

Well. I have mixed feelings about this episode. I mean, it didn't suck, and it was good, but it felt weird to me, and I think it's actually because it felt too much like season one. Digging into the past, learning about Lianne...I mean, don't you have more pressing issues to deal with, Veronica? I did like that in the grand VM tradition, digging into one mystery uncovered a totally different mystery, complete with its own set of red herrings.

I'm still trying to sort through all of Veronica's erroneous assumptions. So the rumor Lianne was suspended for was true, and it was about Mary having an affair with Alan Moorehead. Oh my God, Trina should be Trina Moorehead ahahaha. Anyway. Meanwhile, there was this whole business about Celeste Kane being pregnant, and was any of that true and who the hell is Astrid?

Does Veronica still work at Java the Hut? We haven't seen here there in forever.

VAN CLEMMONS IS A TOTAL BADASS. Oh my God, I did not think he could be so awesome. First, with the "Gimme all your keys, bitch." And then with the "You think I'm going to give you information about what you were snooping around in? Bitch, please. Okay, here's some information about what you were snooping around in." Finally, with the "What? I didn't do anything. I surely didn't have this Principal placard all made up and ready." I don't even want to think about how nonsensical it all seems, though. That he's been keeping this giant secret about his superior all this time, waiting for the right time to strike. All a little too convenient, you might say.

Much like...a lot of pieces of the puzzle. I hope Rob knows what he's doing and doesn't end up with an unwieldy retcon on his hands because all of the filling in backstory here was so obviously stuff he hadn't thought of in season one. The Jake/Lianne/Celeste pregnancy scandal totally would have come up otherwise. And the rumor/suspension thing should have come up in her initial "Do you remember how my mom was prom queen?" investigations. And now what, was Lianne really popular and nice or was she a total rumor-spreading bee-yotch?

I liked Trina more in this ep than I ever have. I liked that she sincerely hugged her birth mother even though she was a custodian. I liked her combination of ditzy and bitchy. Hell, Willow never got to bitch out Cordelia like that! Charisma is so perfect as Kendall. That self-entitled bitchiness combined with complete confidence in her sex appeal.

Okay, Mac and Beaver were FLIRTING UP THE ASS. So cute. Also, I have no idea how sixteen-year-old Cassidy Casablancas thinks he can run a frickin' real estate company.

The dead rat! Finally! Except...it took Veronica this long to find it? And also, she has the nerve to be taken aback that Keith investigated something and DIDN'T TELL HER ABOUT IT?! OMG VERONICA YOU ARE A POT SIRED BY A KETTLE. ALSO MAYBE YOU ARE NOT THE RAT. FEEL MORE GUILT AT INCIDENTAL TIMES IF THE BUS CRASH WAS REALLY ALL ABOUT YOU. AND THEN TELL ME WHAT THE RAT MEANS SO I CAN STOP TALKING IN ALL CAPS.

Oh, I skipped over Logan and Weevil. Loved it. Logan's punch to the camera was just like Aaron's punch to the camera in "Leave It to Beaver." And the knockdown-dragout to "Walk Idiot Walk"? Great. Hector of the hyena laugh having murderous tendencies? Whatever. Right now, I'm sticking to the ridiculous theory that I espoused back in the days of "Driver Ed": Cervando killed Felix. I have no idea why, but it's such a Rob thing to do because he's already dead. There's no justice to be had. Just like the rape resolution.

And then...the kicker. Meg. Belly. Meg belly. I can't believe people were right about that. Rob Thomas and Co. seem to have completely reworked their idea of Meg's character over the summer. I hope there was some sort of catalyst or we see some revealing flashbacks because...WTF? The comatose girl's gotten more character development than Jackie, Gia, Hector, Thumper, and Bootsy combined.

Also, Meg did not just magically wake up when Veronica left. I definitely got the impression she's been awake. For how long, though. For how long.
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