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Is It Now a Crime to Kill a Mexican?

Rob said this episode was dense and insider. He wasn't fucking kidding.

I don't even know where to start.

CLIFF!!!!!!!! There's a good place. So good to see him. I love how self-assured he is about his own abilities, and the lack thereof. The chip/block line? Brilliant.

I...no, seriously, I don't even know what to say. Klembom packed so much into this episode, it was ridiculous. Abel fucking Koontz?! I never thought I'd see him again! Amelia's boyfriend? Her fucking roommate? And meanwhile, WEEVIL IS BURNING DOWN LOGAN'S FUCKING HOUSE. JUST LIKE HE BURNED DOWN THEIR FUCKING POOL. And the racism is back, yay! Take that, UPN!

Does Veronica even go to school anymore? She must have missed a lot of fucking class to be going back and forth to UCLA and Waverly and everywhere else Amelia went. I half expected her to fly to Ibiza.

But no...where do I...I don't even know how to talk about this damn episode! Okay! Calm down, Sunil! Break it into...parts.

Veronica. There. Misses Wallace. Aw. And I'm glad we didn't get any Wallace this episode, because that is exactly the right thing to do. We need to miss Wallace too. It makes him all the more gone.

I wonder if newbies followed and/or cared about the A plot. We veterans had continuitygasms galore, but the people tuning in from ANTM would be all, "Who?" The Cliff/Veronica who-owes-whom conversation was priceless. I am waiting for callbacks regarding those various favors.


The whole "30 dollars a night" schtick was really funny. But holy crap, I was expected to find Amelia's Palm in the icebox. NOT HER PALM. Though are they really sure that was Amelia? It looked inconclusive. And could you fit an entire girl in that thing? Anyone else reminded of Identity? The Argentinian diplomat's son thing was kind of out of left field, and it was weird because I just saw the whole diplomatic immunity thing on Smallville last week.

Oh! Joss! Joooooss. He did better than I expected, given his very deliberate line readings in the River Tam Sessions. And the chick from ANTM wasn't too bad either. Loved the Carmen Sandiego reference. This show is great at using guest stars.

I love what they're doing with Keith and Veronica, how he's learning more and more that Veronica's going down a path he really doesn't want her on. It's been an ongoing plotline this whole season, and it's great because Keith totally does the same shit he tells Veronica not to do, but he's allowed to do it because he's NOT IN FUCKING HIGH SCHOOL.

Dude, shit! Aaron! HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT AARON OMG. His scenes with Logan were great, and I love that Logan didn't take his shit, and I love that Aaron's still trying to be a good dad and reading Russian literature. I love that his characterization during the tail end of last season wasn't for nought, and his behavior during the finale was just him "snapping." I don't believe his "Duncan did it" argument, though we know Duncan was Rob's backup killer, and wouldn't that be just ridiculous if Duncan really did end up doing it? I don't think Aaron would have been so intent on getting back the tapes had he not actually killed Lilly, though. And Keith fucking rocks.

I don't know how this episode will hold up as...an episode. Stand-alone-wise. It seemed to exist to advance about seventeen separate storylines. Only time will tell.

I kind of love Rob for the title. I was waiting the whole episode for it to make, I don't know, ANY SENSE AT ALL, and then, bam, the final frame. A rat. Who saw God. That explains why the bus stunk enough for Dick to comment on it. Which totally felt like a throwaway back then because Dick is, you know, Dick. But...for fuck's sake, I love this show. I don't know whether I've seen such conscientious, deft plotting before. jennifereileen thinks it comes from the fact that Rob's a novelist, and hey, maybe that's it. He's got a real sense of story structure and laying things out (Rats Saw God had similar callbacks to what seemed like throwaway comments). And the degree to which he's tying this season to the past is just insane. He laid out the first season so that it could be a self-contained story. But now he's using that philosophy for the entire goddamn show. Everything is connected; the story of Veronica Mars is one big story. And he's doing it on purpose, unlike the rather awesome Angel S4 retcon, which just got really lucky.

I can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeve.
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