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I'm sure you all remember my last squeeage. Or maybe you don't. What are you, goldfish?

I got more fan mail, and well, it's even better.

Dear Sunil Patel,

My grandson, in engineering at U of M, emailed me a copy of your article on the connection between TB and RA. I asked him to find your email address so that I could congratulate you on your mighty fine article. As a retired physicist, I appreciate such a clear, well organized scientific article. As the former editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper, I love to read such good writing. You probably realize, as I do, that good journalism is seldom found, even in some of the largest metropolitan papers. I will not apply any adjectives to your article because all of the positive ones that I can think of are appropriate.

You may turn any of the above into a letter to the editor if you wish.

A couple of thoughts on the subject matter: I have wondered for years why similar studies have not found out why multiple sclerosis (MS) occurs mainly in a band across the country that goes East-West through Mighigan. I think there is much less MS in the South. Another thought was that a great charity for Bill Gates or IBM would be to set up a hugh database to solve all types of connections with illnesses.

Another item: My grandson said he read about a new drug for RA that had the possible side-effect of the patient contracting TB.

Phil [last name]

Orchard Lake MI
I am so bloody taken aback that I am apparently good enough to warrant e-mails. This is all wrong, and once I get into the real world and everyone hates me, things will make sense again.

In other news, Veronica Mars continues to kick copious amounts of ass. It's better than Lost, people. Really.

In related news, fishinginthemud has made some nifty VM icons that I think are pretty cool, especially since they're her very first. Check them out here and here.

And while I'm pimping, sweinberg has set up characteractors, an LJ community devoted to discussing, you guessed it, character actors. You should join to raise his self-esteem.

In conclusion, watch Veronica Mars. Tuesdays on UPN at 9 EST. Next week, Alyson Hannigan guest stars!
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