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Why Don't You Leave the Heavy Thinking to Me, Sugarpants?

Sweet monkey Jesus.

That kicked ass. The season has totally kicked into gear.

Hell, I don't even know where to begin, so I think we have to go plot-by-plot? Except they intersect, as they always do. Um. Start...uh, shit. Where?

Mr. Wu!! There's a good start. Mr. Wu! Corny (whose name is Douglas, apparently?)! Mandy (who has a crush on Veronica, apparently?)! Continuitylicious.

And strangely enough, I liked Jackie in this episode more than I ever have, probably more than I have in all her past episodes combined (which, well, still doesn't add up to a lot). Maybe because she had, like, conflict. With the credit card being declined and the having to ask Veronica for help (great teaser setup, with just the wordless "Uh, say what?" reaction from Veronica). But does Veronica live in the bathroom or something? "Wallace said I would find you here"?

Also: holy second black girl at Neptune High, Batman! I hope we see Cora in her chicken suit at some point in the future, just because that's too good to waste. Oh, and did everyone see that random COW on the way to the psychic? Totally not a shout-out to me, but I can pretend it was. jeeperstseepers said so.

Aw, Duncan is reaching out to Logan! They're going to be friends again. Those crazy kids are going to iron out their wacky differences with video games. Duncan/Teddy Dunn was really good in this episode, for the most part.

The bus crash voicemail made me feel all cold inside.

The psychic channeling Lilly? Freaky cool, and we still don't know what's up with that, because Jackie didn't own up to that part. (Sidenote: Chesty LaRue? These guys love The Simpsons.)

Okay, I am loving the new side of Lamb we're seeing this season. The serious, hardass side. Bringing up Ed Doyle's almost-DUI during the debate? EVIL. Blackmailing Terrence Cook? SWEET. Not recognizing Veronica's handwriting? BURN. Oh, oh! I loved the little speeding up of the scene when Veronica was listening to the bug recording. It's the little things. Like a bug...that looks like a bug.

Random! lilserf, with his sharp eyes, noticed that Jackie has Cupid and Sunset and Vaughn on her TiVo. So fucking awesome.

I loved that Keith surreptitiously took the bug back. I mean...damn. It's a very subtle way of continuing his tirade to Veronica last week and responding to Alicia's parenting smackdown earlier in the episode. And I thought he was going to play some sort of joke on Veronica with it, but he didn't. He just took it back, because it was the right thing to do. Keith Mars for sheriff, people.

Since I just mentioned Alicia...aah! Don't fight! You're, like, everyone's OTP! The only functional couple in Neptune! Stop talking to Joss, Rob! I was kind of surprised by Keith's huge chaos yell at her, but his expression afterwards was great, like, "Oh, well, shit, that was very dumb of me, huh." But hey: Alicia was kind of asking for it, with that low blow about Keith's parenting.

Finally: Veronica. Wallace. OMG. So beautiful. So wonderful. So awful. So true to life. They got me in the beginning, with Veronica getting Wallace a homecoming king nom. I love it when Veronica actually, you know, does something for him. And then we get the huge blowup from Wallace that was just inevitable, and it's both completely justified and not justified. Because Veronica's telling Wallace to let it go for his own good. She's been there with Lianne, and it did not end well. She doesn't want to see him get hurt. Problem is, that's not what Wallace needs right now. He needs the treatment he gave her in "A Trip to the Dentist." But he has no one to turn to. His mom's a liar, and his girlfriend and his best friend are at each other's throats. He doesn't need sage wisdom here, Veronica: HE NEEDS A FUCKING HUG.

And then, the most beautiful thing of all, the most intense bit of BFFosity in the entire episode: directly after yelling at Veronica for being a crappy friend, he bitches out Jackie for punking Veronica. That is true friendship, guys. No matter what you feel about them at a particular time, you fucking stick up for them.

Jackie has pills? She must have stolen them from the credits.

The Faders were good. I liked the songs they played, and though there was a bit of music-video-style camerawork/editing, it wasn't too distracting.


Okay, one final comment: I loved the hell out of this episode, but I understand the complaint about there being no direction this season. Because there are so many plotlines going on at the same time, we keep shifting from one to the other (what happened to the Casablancases? we have no idea, and it doesn't take a full-fledged appearance to at least keep us apprised of the situation). The bus crash mystery is being addressed in every episode, but the Felix murder? No one cares, apparently. The Neptune civil war finally got some lip service in this episode after being such a major theme of the premiere. We've also now got the Terrence Cook blackmail plot. So I can see why people would be a little frustrated with all the writers have on their plate. I do trust them to resolve everything properly, but it might feel really weirdly paced, and you never know if they'll run out of room for all they have planned, you know? And I think this is something that feels amplified by the weekly break between episodes: if you were watching this on DVD, you probably wouldn't be as hyperaware of the shifting attention paid to various plotlines.

That being said, I'm even more excited about this season, because hell, there's a fucking lot of shit going on.
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