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Veronica Mars Has Accused Me of Evil

Why must my Wednesday night television be on simultaneously?

First things, first, regarding Veronica Mars: Rob Thomas fucking gave a shout-out to the TWoPer who interned for him this summer. That is so damn awesome. I had a total cow; you'd think it was my shout-out. He used her real name, and since I don't know how public she is with that information, I can't tell you where the shout-out is in a place this, well, public, but trust me: it was awesome.

This was a good, solid episode, but I don't have a lot to say about it. I liked the jealousy theme; the MOTW reminded me of "Ruskie Business" but better. I am a fan of parallels, and Rob even had fun with the music (Stereophonics - Jealousy, Robert Cray - Jealous Love, Tegan and Sara - So Jealous).

But I still hate Jackie and want her to die a lot. Even more now that she's fucking with Wallace's mojo. Where is his pimp juice, huh? Did she drink it all? You can do so much better, Wallace. SO MUCH BETTER. EVEN FUCKING SHELLY POMROY WOULD BE A STEP UP.

Oh, you know what was so awesome about this episode? Fucking quotable as all fucking hell. Dayna Lynne North, you rock. The "digitally" line cracked my shit up. You know what else was so awesome about this episode? Continuity-licious like whoa. Vinne Vanlowe. Lizzie Manning. The Life's Short party. Mac. Lil' Fennel. Lamb harvesting kegs from 09er parties. Lianne's alcoholism. Cervando. Inga. And probably a whole lot more.

Mac's cameo was far too short, and fairly pointless. I expected Veronica to be able to get into Meg's files, but oh, let's just wake Mac up in the middle of the night for a favor. Hope you guys kept in touch over the summer. And what the hell is in Meg's files that would cause her freakyass parents to pull the plug? Pregnancy? Abortion? Admiration of Paris Hilton?

And what was with the timeline? How many weeks have passed since the last episode? What is up with the Casablancases? Does Veronica still think the bus crash was meant for her? In any case, I am loving all the possibilities they're throwing out there, and I think they're a lot more plausible and strong than the red herrings for Lilly's murder (notably the facile speculations in "Kanes and Abel's"). I love how that bus crash could have been meant to target several different people on that bus. I love how that anonymous tip could have been made by any number of people at that party.

Oh, and why the hell didn't Keith know Wallace's dad (dun dun DUN!) was a cop? What the hell kind of background check left out that bit of important information? Wait, oh right, it was his alias or something. But man. Getting shown up by Lamb? That BLOWS.

Apparently Duncan is a stalker for visiting Meg every day, even against her parents' wishes. Okay then.

It took me over half the episode to realize we hadn't seen Logan yet, but his one scene was great. I love snarky Logan. Complete with moustache gestures.

That's all I have to say here, but I invite discussion in the comments.

Lost was really good tonight. Like, uncommonly good. I haven't felt this way about an individual episode in a long time. It struck me how different structurally the episodes are from VM's. VM is a much denser show; Lost is content to take its time and wander in the forest. And can I just say one of the things I love about the show is that's almost all exteriors?

Again, I liked the lost/finding theme. Sun looking for her wedding ring. Michael looking for Walt. Jin finding Sun. I don't know; it all felt so beautifully layered and subtle. And even when Locke brings it all out into the open, it brings new depth to his character: is the fact that he just stopped looking supposed to be inspiring? Because it sounds really depressing to me.

This episode wasn't burdened with OMG ISLAND MYSTERY, and it was really, really refreshing. Because goddammit, you have all these freaking characters who have complicated relationships with each other, and that in and of itself can make this show interesting. That's one reason, I guess, I don't bitch about not getting answers and get annoyed with people bitching about not getting answers, because while the deeper island mysteries were what drew me in, it's the characters that have kept me here. Stop complaining about J.J. not having a plan and look at the great drama in front of you.

Libby is so going to get eaten, by the way.
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