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Don't Pull a Bussy. You're Too Cute.

HOLY FUCK. Okay, now that my reaction to the ending is out of the way, let's go back to the beginning. Because I do love a good math problem reference.

Except, wait, Meg's alive? Are you saying my Pulp Fiction reference has been rendered inaccurate? As much as I'm glad to get more Meg in the future, I think this lessens the impact of the bus crash. Veronica didn't actually lose anyone she cared about. This means, though, that Meg's not allowed to randomly die during her coma, because that's just stupid. If you were going to kill her, you should have killed her on the bus. And I hope Rob and Co. have something good planned for her to make this, dare I say, cop-out (How else do you describe a scenario in which everyone dies but the one character the audience cares about? How interesting would it have been for one of the nondescript students to survive? This show is usually so good about turning clichés on their head.) worth it. I think I'll get over this, because it's Meg, you know, but really. They said everyone was dead. It would have been much, much ballsier to stick with that. Watch some BSG, Rob.

Don't lose faith. You're never really dead on Veronica Mars unless you're Lisa Rinna. Ask Amanda Seyfried.

At the time, I thought it was funny, because "unless you're Lisa Rinna" was such a funny phrase, but now I realize the subtext behind his words. And it's like, we've lost the trust, you know? Next time someone's in mortal peril, we'll just go, "Oh, they're not going to die. Rob doesn't kill people, unless they're Lisa Rinna." It's possible he's doing this just to fuck with our heads, so we won't believe him when he actually knocks someone off.

On a related note, it's freaking me out and confusing the hell out of me that all these TWoPers I've never seen before and have never interacted with are making references to my feelings about Meg (which, honestly, aren't as strong as people make them out to be, and I didn't realize they were so well known). It's a little unsettling.

But enough about that, because you know what? My show's back, people. This was much better than the premiere. This is what a VM episode is supposed to feel like. Thank you, Diane Ruggiero.

My show's back, but it's...different. There's even more going on than usual. So many subplots! So many Veronica-less scenes! This is a new season.

Oh, hold on! I was just bitching, so let me bitch again: what the fuck is up with Veronica and Duncan having sober, consensual sex (now with added memory!) for the very first time and never mentioning the night of Shelly Pomroy's party? Diane, you wrote "A Trip to the Dentist"; I know you didn't forget about it. To think that neither one would make any sort of awkward, uncomfortable reference to what they were doing and had done is just...what the hell?! Clearly, from Veronica's interactions with Dick, I'm getting that she's trying to move on from the trauma, and I wouldn't say anything if she'd had sex with Logan or anyone else in the entire world. But this is the same person to whom she lost her technical virginity, and I think it'd be a LITTLE WEIRD, you know? KIND OF NICE, BUT ALSO WEIRD.

Fuck it all, let's keep bitching: Jackie sucks. What the hell are you on, Wallace? Surely there are other moderately attractive black girls at Neptune High for you to mack on. Whatever happened to Georgia? Although I'll admit, even though they drew a giant arrow labelled Love Interest and pointed to her, the actual courtship, as it were, isn't as bad as it could be. I like that Wallace is open, yet tough, and I find it kind of amusing that Jackie is so anatagonistic toward the whole idea. But Wallace, having learned from Veronica, is verbally on his toes. He can do so much better, though.

I think I'm done bitching. Wait, hold on! Keith's sex-ometer? Stupid. There. Now I'm done.

I actually really liked this episode, believe it or not. Wallace's detective skillz? Mad. Glad to see the boy's got a brain on him. I mean, he was totally playing Veronica, interviewing witness and finding clues! It was great! And see, that was totally the MotW, because Veronica's mystery was actually doubling as the arc! They never pulled that shit off last season.

I actually liked Jessie, and that scene with her little brother was dynamite. Because that's such a little kid reaction to what happened. And I just now realized why Veronica didn't immediately call Mrs. Cotter on her "wrong number" thing (it bugged me, because surely she knew how long the phone call was at that point): she couldn't accuse her of having an affair with Ed Doyle right in front of her husband. I liked the way that whole mystery played out, with the Pay Phone of Needs Change and the Suicide Note of Leaves Wife.

Kevin Smith? Ruled. So funny (did you notice he was wearing one of the souvenir shirts? (also, you can see a student wearing one of the shirts in the background of one of the Neptune High scenes outside)). Pulling his trademark self-deprecation about his weight. Goth money and non-Goth money. Making Veronica Ed's Last Meal and charging her for it. Oh man. He should be in every episode.

Veronica/Lamb snark! "Why do birds suddenly appear whenever you are near?" And also, hee on the appearance of Sacks.

Dude, Mars vs. Lamb in the Battle for Sheriff. This is going to be good.

Oh! I love Beaver. "I guess I'll just stay home and knit something." Poor kid. I have this horrible feeling he's just going to snap, or something. Maybe choke Kendall to death with a Living Large condom (I guess we have Rick to thank for that). And then shoot his dad in the head and the heart.

Finally, "Where Is My Mind?"! Ooh. People have identified the dead body as the man lighting a votive candle at the bus crash memorial, which, uh, WTF, mate? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!

So, my show is back. Kind of. It's not exactly the same show I knew and loved, but I think the elements are there. I don't want to become one of those bitter people bitching about the decline of the show and how good it used to be! At least not this early, for Christ's sake. I am...cautiously optimistic? I want an episode to blow me away, and soon.
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