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Dead Set? More Like Red Wet!

After loving Black Mirror, I figured it was time to finally check out Charlie Brooker's zombie miniseries, which I'd heard good things about. The premise? Zombie apocalypse at the Big Brother house.

The series begins on Eviction Night, but what no one knows is that all of humanity is about to be evicted. I've never seen Big Brother, so I'm sure I missed lots of in-jokes (past members of the show [the UK version, obvs] guest starred, for instance), but everyone knows the basic idea: put a bunch of diverse personalities in a house and watch them yell at each other and hook up. And you've got everyone from a drag queen to a Scottish nitwit. Plus DS Ripley from Luther! Even though the characters are mostly stock types, the cast make them feel real and worth caring about, except for the Scottish nitwit, who remains annoying and insufferable. On the other side, we have the asshole producer and a plucky PA, among others. Plus, even more on the outside, the plucky PA's boyfriend (an Indian guy, because Indian guys appear on British shows with far greater frequency than they do in American shows). It's somewhat of a spoiler to even make note of the key characters since it implies they survive the zombie uprising, but it's fairly obvious they're going to be important from the outset.

Once nearly everyone is dead, it's time to survive! Good thing they have this big house to hole up in while Yorick tries to find out if his girlfriend is alive and go see her. It becomes a fairly typical zombie narrative, really: someone gets bit, someone makes a supply run, people die, you have to kill your friends, and so on. It's nothing we haven't seen before. The Big Brother element is cute, and while it does add an element of satire, it wasn't as prevalent as I expected. Yes, these people don't really matter, nor does their fame, and now nothing matters, so what was it all for?

I think my favorite thing about Dead Set is that the main character is a woman, honestly, because that's rare in zombie stories (and stories in general, of course, but that's another matter). I like that she goes from fetching coffee to essentially being the person in charge because the Big Brother residents recognize her as an authority figure because she is the only person they know from outside the house. She is the one with the most sense, although the contestants do display more sense than they might be given credit for based on footage. And, of course, any interpersonal conflicts do carry on even though people are being eaten. Kelly's got to hold them all together.

Although the first episode is an hour, the other four are a half-hour each, so the miniseries is even more mini than usual. I don't think I've seen a half-hour drama before, but Brooker makes the format work, largely because it's a miniseries, so each half-hour installment is a piece of the larger story. I thought Dead Set would be more engaging and compelling, based on its reputation, but it is a solid zombie story with frenetic gore and some black humor.
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