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Where's My Turkey Pot Pie, Woman?!

So. Uh. Yeah. My show's back. With a vengeance. And turkey pot pies.

I don't even know where to start. Like the pilot, this episode was packed with flashback-y exposition, but it was less disorienting.

You know, in retrospect, this episode was probably really disjointed and uneven in ways, but I don't fucking care, because it was a premiere and had a lot to do.

I guess Brad Bufanda won't be getting out of tertiary character status, eh? I doubt Logan killed Felix, and I wonder how that mystery will play out. Will it be independent of the Big Mystery, parallel (the have-nots are just as corrupt as the haves?), or related?

Okay, I loved that the silhouette of who was at the door, the person Veronica was hoping it would be, was Duncan-shaped. She was surprised that it was Logan, people. You can squee all you want that he was at the door, but he wasn't who she was hoping it would be. I also like that Rob had Leo show up at the door too, just for kicks. Note: I'm not a Veronica/Duncan 'shipper. I'm not really and anti-Veronica/Logan 'shipper. I'm not a 'shipper at all. I just react to things that annoy me in fandom, like people throwing up just because Veronica kissed Duncan, like, GET A LIFE.

I predicted Rob would pull a bait-and-switch from the moment Wallace referred to Veronica's "boyfriend" without giving a name, and when said boyfriend was "visiting his father." Because that would be weird and awkward for both Logan and Duncan. But the non-linear flashbacks kept me guessing as to what the hell was really going on in Veronica's crazy love life. Except, really, I'm not in it for Veronica's love life. Only for how her love life affects her actual life, e.g. her return to outcast status in a different way.

Oh, let's talk about the past first, since we're there. I liked that Logan went recidivist, because that's what I wanted to see, although I was operating under the assumption that he wasn't going to be with Veronica. That he reconciled with Dick and burned down a pool while he was still with Veronica is pretty cool. That boy, he is a wreck. He's a walking angstfest. And speaking of Dick, I thought it was kind of hilarious that he learned his lesson from the evaporation and is now going overboard with the sucking up to Veronica, even when she's with Duncan. And continuing to speak of Dick, I love Beaver and his high SAT score. And speaking of Dick and Beaver, I was surprised and amused by Logan's Mrs. Robinsoning it with Mrs. Casablancas. Have we moved into the present now? Oops.

Back to the past! Go violent-like-his-dad Logan! And protective-like-a-dad Keith! The Duncan flashbacks were set to Delays' "Long Time Coming," which Rob used literally, since Duncan had been coming to the coffee place for a long time, and Veronica and Duncan's reconciliation was a long time coming. But what the hell was in that fortune cookie?

Now, to the present! The twenty-four-year-old floozy is hottish, if dumb. I hope we see her again. Actually, I'd like to see her in a scene with Carrie Bishop, for some reason.

I was all yaaaaay when I saw Alona Tal's name in the credits. And then Meg was a total bitch the whole time. Which felt weird, although her stoner impression was very amusing. But she was all trying to be Veronica's friend last season, and now she's all, "Oh, she stole my boyfriend-who-is-actually-her-ex-boyfriend-that-she-let-me-date and thus she hates me." It's almost a mirror of Veronica's treatment of her when she was dating Duncan, but much harsher.

OMG VAN CLEMMONS HAD SEX ONCE. It's funny, because soon as I heard the name Butters, I thought of South Park, and then they went and made the reference themselves. I doubt we've seen the last of him.

I love Wallace so goddamn much. "The Klan" cracked my fucking shit up, and "I was wondering where we were drawing the ethical line this year" was awesome. The Spirit Boxes continuity was great, and the "I had six"/"That's my Wallace" was adorable.

Shelly Pomroy!! Ha!

Okay, get this: this is the THIRD TIME Rob has used the name Jennings Crawford. The first time was in Slave Day, and the second was in Cupid. It must be his best friend's name, or something.

Everyone caught the meta joke about Trina being played by Tara Reid, right? Because that's who they wanted for Trina at first before getting Alyson Hannigan. Also, there might have been a meta joke in Kendall Casablancas's being a Laker Girl, since Charisma was a San Diego Chargers cheerleader.

The drug test plot was pretty good but ultimately kind of just...there. It reminded me of the "Kanes and Abel's" plot, in that it was once again rich parents pulling strings to get their children success. I always like it when the MOTW involves characters we know, though. And Keith? And the nipples? Priceless.

Steve Guttenberg! Hee. I wonder what his character wil be like. There's already something fishy going on, the way he was talking to that baseball player. Unless that was all just, "Come on, dammit. Talk to the stupid kids."

Gia is also hottish. I was struck by her very black hair at first, and then I found her little wardrobe soliloquy amusing. But speaking of fishy, what the hell? "My daughter likes journalism; therefore, I'm inviting the entire journalism class here so she can make some friends." You are a weird dad, Woody Goodman. Why would anyone vote for you?

Okay. So. The bus. Lilly's ghost. I totally called Weevil coming back around to give Veronica a ride. That crazy boy. OMG MEG'S BITCHINESS SAVED VERONICA.

Honestly, when the episode ended, I thought the limo had fallen into the ocean and they were claiming Logan, Dick, and Beaver were dead. Which was ridiculous. Then I was informed that it was the bus that had—OMG MEG IS DEAD OMG MEG CAN SWIIIIIIIIIIIM MEG CAN SWIM AND COME BACK ALIVE AND NOT BITCHY OMG.

Have you heard the one about how the Neptune High journalism post is like the Hogwarts Defense Against the Dark Arts post? It's a good one.

I agree with others that the tone seems different from last year, but I think it's okay because the show's clearly going in a different direction. Everything I've read and heard (and this episode confirms it) points to a season all about the dark underbelly of Neptune, which I think is very cool. Nothing happens accidentally. I think it's patently obvious that the bus crash was meant to kill Gia, but that means I'm wrong and the bus driver was involved in some scandal that will balloon into something huge by the finale. But until we find that out, I'm sticking to my Gia theory. Solving this mystery is going to lead Veronica to some dangerous places, I bet. It's going to be glorious.

Hey, guys, get it? IT'S A CLIFFHANGER!!

Also, after the fifth season premiere of Oz and the second season premiere of Veronica Mars, I am never riding on a school bus again.
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