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A Long Time Ago, We Used to Be Friends

At 7:47 AM PDT, I received an unexpected e-mail from MI.net head honcho wyk informing the team that Rob Thomas was raising money on Kickstarter for a Veronica Mars movie. I read the article and watched the video, which was wonderful.

At 8:01 AM PDT, I responded with my surprise that it actually looked like the first legit chance.

At 8:04 AM PDT, I e-mailed Rob and said that it seemed like a cool idea and he already had $17,918, but I was on my to the airport to go home for my brother's wedding, so I would totally donate when I got back.

At 9:35 AM PDT, I received an e-mail from Dave, who said that he and Tera had put a Hollywood premiere on their bucket list, so they were going.

At 10:12 AM PDT, I pledged $750 to the Veronica Mars movie in order to attend the premiere with my friends. By that time, the $1000 reward that also included tickets to the afterparty was already gone, but I figured that Rob would let me in if I came to the premiere.

At 10:20 AM PDT, I e-mailed Rob again, as in the two hours that had passed since I first e-mailed him, the total had gone up to almost $600,000.

At 12:05 PM PDT, I informed the MI.net team of my pledge and announced the current total of $990,636.

At 12:19 PM PDT, the total had already passed a million dollars, a new Kickstarter record.

At 5:45 PM CDT, I landed in Dallas. The total was over $1.6 million.

At 7:55 PM CDT, seanan_mcguire called me because it was just about to happen. And a couple minutes later, the total crossed $2 million. It's really happening.

The Kickstarter is still taking funds. The current total is $2.4 million and rising.

We're getting a Veronica Mars movie, you guys.
Tags: family, fandom love, mi.net, personal, pimpings, real life friends, rob thomas, veronica mars
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