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A Trip to the Pegasus

Today, toughcookie42 and I embarked on a marathon conversion in preparation for some movie that's coming out next Friday. From "Serenity" to Serenity.

But speaking of spaceships...

Good sweet mother of crap, I don't even know what to say. This is one of those episodes that's hard to form an opinion about because it makes you so angry, not at the show, but at the things happening on the show. Or maybe at the show for letting these things happen on the show.

I mean, I like that they don't waste any time getting right to the Pegasus, and they cheer and clap just to annoy Strega. Although the music in the teaser was very un-McCreary-like, and the music in the first scene was too chant-y (actually, the chantiness was too much throughout the episode...McCreary's usually good about underscoring things, but chanting is like a first-class ticket to overscoring with extra mojo).

And for about twenty minutes or so, things seem okay. It still seems fishy for the Pegasus to have found them (and for them to have survived at all: they just jumped away at the first sign of trouble? HOW ABOUT DEFENDING THE FUCKING HUMAN RACE, YOU ASSHOLES?!). But it's nice to have more human beings in the population, and more defenses against the Cylons, and Cain says she won't step on any toes or anything.


I was wondering, see, because one of the things I like about BSG is the strong female characters like Roslin and Starbuck, so I thought, wow, cool, they made the admiral of the fleet a woman. But she's a woman the audience is made to hate. So. I don't know.

Quick note about Baltar and Six: Six had a reflection! I guess in Baltar's head, she would, but it was still jarring. And man, Broken Six was...very broken. Almost unrecognizable, especially because I expected it to be Boomer, so I could say, "What, is the Boomer model specially designed for having babies and being captured?" I thought it was interesting that Baltar finally admitted that he loves Six, despite his "you're not my fancy" remark a few episodes ago.

I soon became annoyed with the fact that it seemed EVERYONE ON THE PEGASUS SUCKED LIKE WHOA. "Hey, it is totally fun to joke about gang rape!" "Hey, it is totally cool to shoot officers in front of people!" "Hey, it is totally sweet to fuck with Adama's son and surrogate daughter!" Usually, this show is all about moral ambiguity, but these characters were painted as eeeeeeeevil with brushstrokes as wide as the Halliburton profit margins. Everyone keeps bringing up Abu Ghraib and the fact that there are real military officials who act like this, and I...people suck.

When the big Graphic Content and Mature Subject Matter warning came up, I was all, "Yay, cool!" Little did I know. Because holy crap, because A) you're going to rape the prisoner, B) you're going to rape the pregnant prisoner, and C) you're going to rape her from behind. Thank the gods Helo and Tyrol got there in time. The question of the day is, though, is it wrong to rape a robot? We don't stop people from having sex with their toasters, mostly because they generally figure out the pitfalls all by themselves. The crew of the Pegasus doesn't see them as people, which is odd because they use all the same tactics they would use if they were people, you know? I mean, that seems to be the catch-22 in their logic: rape is an acceptable form of torture for humans, so we will use it on the robots, because it is okay to rape robots since they are not human.

FAIR TRIAL MY ASS. I hate this show for making me believe that they will, at any time, kill off characters. I feared for Helo's and Tyrol's lives, but I fear less so now. If they were going to kill either or both of them off, they would have done it now for the shock value. I mean, it would just be mean to make us wait till January and then kill them, right? BUT YOU ARE NOT KILLING TYROL OMG. Or Helo, I guess I like him more now.

Also, what the fuck is up with Billy? They give him one random, pointless appearance an episode now?

Snagged this from TWoP: And will every finale end with Starbuck sent off on an un-official solo mission? I'm just saying.

Go Adama go. Galactica vs. Pegasus. Alert fighers vs. alert fighters. Does this count as a civil war?

Just sit back and watch, Cylons. We're perfectly capable of destroying ourselves.
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