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Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly

The words "I love this show I love this show I love this show" keep echoing in my head.

Okay, I'll try to keep this short. Because first, as usual, let's start with the bad. OH WAIT THERE WAS NO BAD.

Maybe there was but it was nothing worth complaining about.

Instead, let's begin with the continuitygasms. The Cylon virus coming back to haunt them. The love triangle of Boomer coming back to haunt them. Tyrol's still. The book Adama lent Roslin. Dualla's mention of the oxygen system last week. Boomer's use of the "roll a hard six" line. Probably a whole lot more. And did everyone catch Tigh's "godsdamn"? Cause, heh.

Okay, wait, I just thought of something. That whole Apollo/Dualla practice scene with the random appearance of Billy at the end was completely pointless, except to stir up Apollo/Dualla 'shippers.

But everything else...just so fucking tense. Loved the continual cuts to the Cylon Convoy of Dooooom, and I don't care that there's no sound in space because they sound so fucking cool. Loved the running-out-of-oxygen scene. Loved the Helo/Tyrol testosterumble. Loved the subtle/anvilicious cuts to Sharon memories as Tyrol caresses the dead Viper. Loved Gaeta cursing out Tigh. Loved Baltar getting to be himself, Sixless.

Sharon's sending the virus back to the Cylons was a neat idea, and getting to blow the crap out of a bunch of Raiders was a good morale boost. But interestingly, Adama still refers to her as "that thing" afterwards. I think I'm finding this Sharon more interesting these days. Because in order to prove that she can be trusted, that she is, in fact, "one of them," she has to help them in a way that she can only do because she is not one of them. It's her Cylon-ness that's keeping her alive, even though it's also her Cylon-ness that's keeping her caged.

It should be noted that the perfectly valid theory has been put forth that the Cylons staged this whole thing, sacrificing however many ships, in order to secure Adama's trust in Sharon, thus keeping her and her baby alive.

I wonder if the Blackbird is an X-Men shout-out. It's probably completely implausible that they could build a functional ship in such a short time, but I don't care, because godsdammit, it's inspirational and shit. Humanity doesn't completely suck.

Cally is back, yay!

BSG is currently the best show on television. I love it so much. I feel my loyalty to VM being tested. It's a good thing I'm not part of the BSG fandom, or I would have more issues. Is there a BSG fandom? Is it crazy?
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