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Rise Up While You Can

It is very difficult to review Blackout, by Mira Grant, without spoiling the excellent Feed and Deadline, so I will say that I loved it despite recognizing several flaws presented in Tris's spoilery review, although I can't completely envision what the book would be like any other way. I love that each book in the trilogy has a different narrative structure, I love spending time with the After the End Times crew, I love the thought and detail that's put into the science and politics, I love the journalistic idealism that shines through the conspiracy, and I love explosions. Please allow me to express my opinions in blurb form.

"Blackout is so addictive that every minute you do not spend reading Blackout will be spent waiting to read Blackout. Assuming you can tear yourself away from it in the first place."

"At one point, Shaun Mason declares, 'Fuck it. Let's blow some shit up.' If only so we can describe Blackout as the EXPLOSIVE conclusion to the Newsflesh Trilogy."

"Grant's potent mix of sci-fi, horror, and thriller will have you up all night and listening for zombies at every corner."

"Blackout is like Fifty Shades of Grey except instead of erotica, you get zombies, instead of Twilight fanfic, you get zombies, and instead of clunky prose, you get zombies."

"There actually aren't a lot of zombies in Blackout. The real threat is all too human. In a post-zombie society, whom should we fear more, the zombies or ourselves?"

"Blackout is a great book to throw at your friends! It really leaves a mark."

Also, the book is dedicated to me. So there's that.

After many years, I am finally going to begin reading A Song of Ice and Fire. I have tried to remain as unspoiled as I possibly can, and the TV series has brought media saturation to an all-time high, so it is TIME. Here is everything I know about the series:
  • It takes place in a historical fantasy land called Westeros.
  • There are Starks and Lannisters, and they are playing a game of some sort, perhaps involving thrones.
  • [SPOILER]Eddard Stark dies.
  • Many Starks die.
  • Tony Stark lives?
  • [SPOILER]Arya Stark and [SPOILER]Sansa Stark probably do not die because I hear a lot about them.
  • Lannisters probably also die?
  • Basically everyone dies all the time.
  • There is someone named Joffrey and he is probably an asshole. I mean, come on, his name is Joffrey.
  • There is a Peter Dinklage-sized character named Tyron Leitso or Tyrol or Tybalt or some shit.
  • Sansa is the heir to be the Queen of the North or something?
  • Some female character has a father who was betrayed or wronged or something?
  • There are lots of descriptions of food.
  • There are dire wolves. And dire wolf cubs are adorable.
  • Something awful happens in A Clash of Kings.
  • Something REALLY awful happens in A Storm of Swords.
  • The first three books are great, but the fourth and fifth aren't as great?
  • There is rape and incest and possibly incestuous rape.
  • Winter is coming, whatever the fuck that means.
If you spoil me, I will take a page out of George R.R. Martin's book and kill you.
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