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Xena in Spaaaaaaaace!

First order of business: by linking to these three posts, I have donated fifteen dollars to the Red Cross. Link to them in your own journal (and tell them so), and they will donate five dollars each. Props to chaodai for notifying me of them.

I was wary of tonight's BSG episode, even though I was excited to have it back after a week without it. The premise seemed too...dumb, I don't know. But oh my God. It was much better than I thought it would be.

As usual, let me just toss out some of the bad and get it out of the way. The Tigh-death-threat subplot was kind of meh, though it was kind of worth it for Starbuck's "Can I be a suspect again now? Please?" I also liked that the credits blipvert made it look like a gun was being pushed against Tigh's head, when in fact it was Tigh who did the pushing. Wait, we're talking about things I don't like. Like Ellen Tigh. Stop being in episodes. And I wish the Kat thing had been developed a little better (like, hello, it might have made that whole asteroid scene with the crappy CAG less pointless if we had seen Kat fucking up a little too). Also, the octagonal thing is cute, but dude, did you see the octagonal CD? How the fuck does that work? It won't spin, dammit! Finally, what the hell was up with Billy having three seconds of screentime and no dialogue?

I liked the different reactions to Biers's ever-present camera. Dualla's explaining technical terms; Apollo doesn't really give a fuck but is mindful; Baltar wants to feel important. I love Baltar. I totally identify with his insecurity. Love that his reaction to the alarm was, "Wait, no, cameras, don't go away! Dammit! Frakkin' Cylons." He's not the greatest guy in the world, no, but he's terribly entertaining.

We got first names for Dualla and Gaeta! And character development! Very nice. Really liked both those fleshings out, and the intercutting interview footage with the action at hand (and Christ, yet again I thought they were going to kill Kat, the way they were playing that interview footage). Though I wasn't liking her too much this episode, but then I forgave her because she was just pulling a Jessie Spano.

I loved that Apollo didn't lie to Biers's assy question about his pilots deserving special treatment. Yes, they do. Just like everybody else. I loved that Dualla answered Biers's quasi-humanoid question about things getting easier with, "No, ma'am. It gets harder." Even though it was predictable. I think it's the "ma'am" that makes it, though.

Also, WOW. That battle scene was fucking awesome. We'd never seen what a Cylon attack was like for the people not on the flippy ships, and this was an abso-motherfucking-lutely perfect way to do it. I couldn't make out all of what the pilots were saying, but Jesus Christ, I was tense. Especially because I wasn't sure we would ever cut to space, and then when I realized we weren't going to, I was afraid something was going to happen and we weren't going to see it, and oh my God. I can totally see how Dualla would respond with "It gets harder." Because you're on this big honkin' ship, completely powerless. It's all up to the pilots, and their transmissions are all you know.

Starbuck has never looked hotter than she did in that boxing scene. Sweet Jesus.

Where is Cally? Is Nicki Clyne off doing something? How hot is the name "Nicki Clyne"? How weird is it that she's younger than I am?

I love the Prez.

Apparently, the theme to the original series was playing over the final cut, and that made people teary. What made me teary was the voiceover, because sometimes I am a giant sap. The whole message about the people of Galatica being human and flawed, but always doing their best, is why I love this show and its characters. I love it so much when characters embrace their flaws, recognize that our flaws are just as important in creating who we are as our strengths.

And then we're in a theater. So the pilots are watch—wait, no, those are our favorite Cylons, I recognize their backs. How did they get this footage on Caprica? Can they just pluck it out of the ether? Whoa, that's new. Hold on a sec, how can they play the deleted footage? Where are they—HOLY FUCK.

Seriously, this show manages to surprise me more than any show I can recall, with the exception of VM. I should have suspected it, since I had heard Lucy Lawless was signed for more than one episode, so why was the doc already completed? I wonder what Cylon mischief she'll be up to in the future.

Also, this totally explains her leap of logic from "That looks like the late Lt. Valerii" to "Cylon!" Does no one think of the zombies anymore?
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