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Did you miss my Christmas post? It was the highly acclaimed "Vishnu Claus"! On YouTube! For you to watch!

Do you remember when I played The Rabbit and Stuart said I was "unexpectedly amazing"? He does his own "Best of 2011" awards. He does a lot of theatre, and he SEES a shitload of theatre. So imagine my surprise when I, of all people, was awarded Best Performance by an Actor (along with my co-star):
There was so much to love about Meg Cohen's "Joe Ryan", from Meg's funny and poetic script to Matt Gunnison and Kirsten Broadbear's excellent chemistry in the lead roles, but the best performances of the night were hands down John Lennon Harrison and Sunil Patel as a pair of criminal buddies whose first substantial backstory scene got a well-deserved standing ovation. Harrison is hands down one of the best and most underused actors in the San Francisco Theater scene and so to see him in such a substantial and fantastically written role was delightful, but Patel was the real "find", nailing a character I think it's safe to say NOBODY would have expected him in: a heroine addicted underworld doctor who has become the best friend of a murderous thug. Patel and Harrisoin not only captured their respective characters as individuals but the nature of the relationship between two such men and the final scene of the show, with Harrison emerging from the ground in Kezar stadium with Patel's corpse in his arms, was heartbreaking.
I was so touched that out of the dozens and dozens of great actors he had seen over the year, I somehow made an impression. It was an amazing experience and such a great role for me. I wish more people had seen it.

Do you remember when I gave my cancer pharmacology workshop in Jacksonville and everyone seemed to love it? Well, as expected, my cancer pharmacology workshop was the best-reviewed it's ever been, averaging a 4.91 out of 5. I got 100% 5s on "Knowledge of subject" and "Willingness to respond to questions." Here are some highlights from the evaluations:
Sunil is a born teacher. I hope he continues to teach this course and perhaps develops others. He is an excellent lecture and understands how to use metaphors, graphics, and even class participation to enhance comprehension.

Sunil is a great workshop leader—very knowledgeable & very funny & engaging. I think he is Dimitri Martin’s "evil twin" & I mean that in the best of ways.

Please do more workshops. Very engaging.

Fabulous! I loved it! So much work went into this—thank you so much for your hard work & humor.

This is the best AMWA workshop I’ve taken! I learned a lot. Sunil is an engaging and enthusiastic workshop leader. He made complicated topics easier to understand.

Best workshop EVER! Entertaining and informative.

The instructor hit that perfect balance of being both entertaining and relevant. He was organized, and he could explain complex concepts in a way I could understand.

Sunil is a gifted teacher—I hope he’ll keep doing it. Outstanding workshop.
I got the impression I did well.

Did you notice when I said I was a playwright? Because I wrote the first act of a play whose second act was improvised. It was pretty great, and dahliam flew up from L.A. just to see it. I wrote a sci-fi drama in the vein of Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, and six great actors performed it without having seen the script (or anything else) before, and then they ended my play for me. People seemed to like it.

The best compliment, however, came from the house manager, whose response after the show was "OH MY GOD. TEACH ME HOW TO WRITE."

So basically I am awesome or something, I guess.
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