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Winchester Mystery Meetup

A while ago, I joined Meetup.com to make more Indian friends.

I discovered a monthly comic book club at Mission: Comics and Art.

One of the girls I met there suggested I join a Meetup group called the Antisocialites.

adinarj visited last week, and we were planning on visiting the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, which I had never visited, so an out-of-town visitor seemed like a good excuse.

The Antisocialites scheduled a visit to the Winchester Mystery House today.

adinarj changed the timing of her visit to the House.

Having already gotten sort of excited to see it with her, I decided to go ahead and see it with the Antisocialites.

That is how I found myself at the Winchester Mystery House gift shop around 11 this morning with a Meetup group of thirteen people who needed two more to get the group rate.

And that, my friends, is when two girls walked in. Two girls I thought were part of the Meetup group. One girl who had a very strange reaction to me.

Because she knew me. She knew that I was spectralbovine.

Because she had known me since she was fourteen. Because she was amarettolime25, from the Veronica Mars Meet Market on TWoP. She and her friend were visiting from Fresno and had decided to see the Winchester Mystery House at the exact time I was seeing it.

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