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This Is Getting Rather Comical

I have a job! Hold up, stop getting excited. I'm selling textbooks at the university bookstore for little above minimum wage. But it's money.

So, BSG. I love this show. For reals.

The music in the teaser seemed like another variation on "Passacaglia," though not as overt. It was good, but mostly it made me want to listen to "Passacaglia." Sorry, Bear. Don't know if you're ever going to top that baby. I did like the cutting back and forth between Kobol and Galactica. One party trudging through the rain with their Cylon guide, and one party asking, "Where the frak are they?"

God help me, I think Boomer and Helo are cute together. But Helo's answer to "Do you trust me?" should have been "Well, I did shoot you that one time."

Billy! Aw, Billy. Did Roslin actually say that stuff about him reminding her about Adar? I don't remember; it was probably in the mini.

Okay, it's kind of weird how much I'm not being inspired to write a lot about this episode. Maybe it's not as good as I thought. Or it's just killing me to save Baltar/Six for the end, because I loved it so much.

The previews had already spoilered the whole "THE FATHER WILL KILL THE SON" "I'll take the father, you take the son" bit, but I liked how they actually made it plausible. If a little predictable, because it's kind of obvious to frame the Cylon for your assassination. But it is again a testament to the show that up until the twist, I was all ready to see Adama get two more shots in the gut, maybe in the exact same place. It was a very cool moment. Also, Sharon gained points for the further/farther correction. But I'm still hazy on what memories she has. I think she only has Sharon's memories up to the destruction of Caprica, which explains her memories of being in uniform and part of the fleet. And I'm pretty sure she and Tyrol and were gimblesexing by then.

The Adama/Apollo reunion was touching. I think I voted right in that poll a while ago: they would reconcile with hugs. And Adama/Starbuck. And Adama/Roslin. Man, that guy misses his peeps.

You know, I usually complain about non-Galactica scenes, but tonight I decided I really liked that most of the episode was in the bloody jungle. It's just so unusual for a television show to have so many exterior scenes. It reminded me of Lost, in a good way.

Okay, so the Tomb of Athena. What the fudge? What happened there? Did they literally go to Earth magically, or was it just some sort of vision/hologram? Does the fact that our names for the Zodiac are the "ancient" names confirm that the show takes place in the future, or does it just confirm that all of this has happened, and all of it will happen again? Do they actually know where that damn nebula is so they can start flying toward it? Who's been cutting the grass on Earth? And how the hell did they get back/out?

All right. I loved Balter and Six in this episode. I loved that they finally addressed the issue of what Six really was head on. As I've suspected, Baltar this season has really been pulling away from Six, and he flat out says it now. And Six realizes it too, which is why she gets naked, trying to remind him of their special bond.

"Wake up and smell the psychosis." And then things get really interesting. Because at first, I thought there had been this random woman in the room that Baltar had been addressing as Six, delusionally. Then it looked like he had Starbuck in his head. Then I realized it was just Six as we'd never seen her before. If you didn't know, I've always been a proponent of the idea that Baltar's Six is, just as she says, merely a representation of his subconscious, so talk like this was akin to having my 'ship canonized.

I love the significance of Six's wardrobe at any given time. For the first time, she dresses down, as if to get down to his level. Like, look at me. I'm nothing, you fool. I'm just in your head. And see, this all follows from the way Baltar's been pulling back from this illusion. He's trying to reject it now. And I don't see the point of putting Baltar through this if Six were really a Cylon in his head. Except to play on his insecurities, which is valid, I suppose. How do you make Baltar feel special? Try to convince him he's not. And that will only make him cling to his delusion even more strongly.

At first, I thought that the brainscan would just never work, as Baltar's constant craziness would make Dr. Cottle say, "Frak it." So I was a little surprised that they went so far as to show Baltar that no, there is no chip in your head, buster. Most supporters of the chip theory say there's no way Baltar could have known about the baby. But if you think about how sexual the Baltar/Six relationship is in the first season, it's not unlikely that it would lead to some OH SHIT YOU'RE PREGNANT?! angst. Just like in real life!

So, final scene. Again with the wardrobe. Now Six has returned to her cleavage-y slutbomb outfit, the red dress. Awesome. And since she's not a chip, she has to be something else. Angel of God! That sounds about right. You always did like your religion. Nice save, Baltar's subconscious! I love the look on Baltar's face as Six tells him they're after the destruction of human race. It's like, "Wait, does that include me?"

And now it's time for a poll!

Poll #559977 This Dream That Pains Him and Enchains Him

What is the Six in Baltar's head?

A manifestation of his subconscious. Supergenius is loony as a mad corsair, yo.
A projection/implantation of the Cylon Six. Supergenius is horny as a...well, you, Sunil.
An Angel of God. She's like Della Reese, but hotter.
I have a theory involving cheese and space monkeys. Let me explain in the comments.
I don't watch this show, but I like taking polls.
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