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Overdue Life Reviews

Let's go all the way back to May 17, when I was in a reading of Los 7 Magnificos, an old Thunderbird show. It was a reading I was actually asked to be in! I didn't have to audition or anything! I was Jerry/Sanjay, an Indian landlord mistaken for Jerry Garcia by a bunch of hippies, so I got to break out my Indian accent, and I was also Señor Roboto, a robot Mexican wrestler, so I got to break out my robot voice, and I was also Neophyte Quaker, so I got to break out my fake Southern accent. I had a great time, and people really liked me! Like, I don't think they were just being nice. Too bad there were only, like, ten people there. But those ten people had a great time!

And then we can move to May 21, when I hung out with a friend of mine from Rice, Stephanie, and we explored Chinatown. I'd never taken the walking tour of Chinatown, and I saw parts of it I didn't even know existed. WE WENT TO A FORTUNE COOKIE FACTORY! Fortune cookies are much better when they're flat and warm. I also disabused her of the notion that San Francisco did not have taquerias, took her to the pirate store—where I was recognized and I introduced her as one of my donors—and got her to buy Rosemary and Rue at Borderlands. (She's now hooked on the series.)

Or how about May 25, when I spoke at Career Day at a middle school. Jessica, one of my fellow Spelling Bee Cheaters and a librarian, invited me to come talk about the wonderful world of drug safety and clinical trials. One class was lovely and well behaved and asked great questions. The other was unruly and not paying attention and asked me how you get AIDS. I really enjoyed the first class and would talk to them again. The teacher was very supportive and even asked me questions to inspire discussion. I was paired with an anesthesiologist, so that worked out. It was funny when I asked the kids to name some drug companies, and they offered Walgreens and CVS. But the kids, like I said, also asked great questions, like whether patients are at risk when they take a new drug and whether they get paid. You don't know anything about how drugs work when you're in middle school! I hope I taught them something! I have less hope for the other class, as the teacher was a non-entity (I was not surprised when Jessica informed me that he would not be back next year), not introducing me, not asking me anything, not telling kids to pay attention and stay on-topic. One girl asked me whether lupus can kill you. I don't even know. I prefer to remember the first class. I liked them a lot.

Let's throw in May 26, when I saw Ravi for a bit, and we had the spiciest sushi dinner I've ever had. Seriously, nearly all of our sushi was spicy, some of it basically slathered in hot sauce. But so tasty! And then Emily (tigeremme) joined us at my apartment, and we all caught up, and it was good.

And on June 3, my dear April (aprilbegins) arrived once again, and we went to the De Young so she could see some fancy Balenciaga dresses or whatever. We also ran through the permament exhibits as well and revisited some of our favorite pieces, although the gun cathedral was gone. We also ran...into a friend of mine from Rice, Irina, as we were leaving. It was totally bizarre. I hadn't seen her in a couple years, and there she was! She was in town for a conference of some sort, I think. Afterward, April and I played Jeopardy! from her book and discovered a vegetarian restaurant, Daily Health, that she fell in love with. It was more of an organic everything store with a restaurant tucked away in the back. Then we played around in the Exploratorium, which April had been interested in seeing but she didn't seem to be too fond of, much like I wasn't too fond of looking at fancy dresses or whatever.

And then the next weekend, sophia_helix and actoplasm and sainfoin_fields came down for the Deadline release party! They picked me up after I saw X-Men: First Class, and we—including a friend of sophia_helix's—ate Mediterranean food outside a coffee shop. After finding parking in the Mission and looking at unicorns at a garage sale, the girls went shopping, and Alex and I played Famiglia in the Borderlands Cafe. When the girls returned, we played a rousing game of Dixit before making our way over to Borderlands. Seanan was late because Bay Bridge traffic was backed up because of a potential jumper, but it's easy enough to pass the time in a bookstore. Plus, Javi was there, making an appearance before Writers with Drinks. Also making an appearance were two groups of people in a scavenger hunt who, I think, were looking for Harry Potter but also decided to cross off "Dance a conga line with strangers" off the list as well. Javi even provided some music. Once Seanan arrived with cupcakes, the event was typically entertaining, and afterward, we went over to the Phoenix for dinner, hoping to avoid the echo traffic. As a result, however, we got home too late for all of to play Dominion, but I showed Alex that two-person Dominion is still fun! And the next day, we basically played Dominion all day, with some forays into Forbidden Island and 10 Days in Europe. I was excited to play with Prosperity, and we had a lot of fun with the new Treasure cards. I even met the illustrious pathstotread, who met the illustrious me, whom she did not believe existed. She joined us for our last game of Dominion—and her first ever!

Of course, this leaves out all the concerts and plays I attended within this time period as well. I am too busy living life to write about it!
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