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I Like This Game. It's...Tawdry.

All right, so if you've been around TWoP recently, you'll notice that the latest craze is the Survival Game, where you award and deduct points from the characters in your show, and when they reach zero, you get to kill them.

Because my fandom is awesome (crazy, but awesome), I have compiled here a summary of the deaths we came up with. They are terribly entertaining, and some of them are simply brilliant, especially toward the end. After a while, we had deaths prepared in advance and coordinated so that we could use them. You'll find references to other television shows, famous poems, and TWoP posters. You'll find deaths in various formats, from news article to limerick. Enjoy!

1. Lianne Mars, death by maternal behavior. Written by cool beans.
2. Troy Vandegraff, death by flaming panties. Written by OHVibe.
3. Celeste Kane, death by reflected icy glare. Written by M.McCheese.
4. Madison Sinclair, death by a trip to the dentist...in Marathon Man. Written by spectralbovinePolter-Cow.
5. Duncan Kane, death by inanimate object. Written by M.McCheese.
6. Trina Echolls, death by pop tart. Written by misst25.
7. Mallory Dent, death by social apathy. Written by tvjunkie2008.
8. Aaron Echolls, death by brutal ass whipping. Written by pandora_17pandora.
9. Lynn Echolls, death by cannibals. Written by sadiekatesadie kate.
10. Abel Koontz, death by phlegm. Written by SinCASinCA.
11. Sheriff Don Lamb, death by gross incompetence. Written by Shutterbug1Shutterbug.
12. Clarence Wiedman, death by dinosaur devouring. Written by spectralbovinePolter-Cow.
13. Dick Casablancas, death by drug deal decapitation. Written by WestCoastLovinWestCoastLovin.
14. Corny, death by cock bong. Written by funky_donutmrf.
15. Deputy Leo D'Amato, death by octopus mauling. Written by spectralbovinePolter-Cow.
16. Cassidy "Beaver" Casablanacas, death by landing the wrong way on a Dick after finally gettin' some. Written by backup10Pardon My Snark/wykbbb.
17. Jake Kane, death by smokin' hot sex. Written by LittleLeshLittleLesh based on a suggestion by bostonbenbenchelsea.
18. Eli "Weevil" Navarro, death by HoYay! Written by eirefaerie based on a scenario by upanashadrosiecat.
19. Vice Principal Van Clemmons, death by GaySerialKillerLogan. Written by eirefaerie.
20, 21. Casey and Luke, death by sharpened pencils, after succumbing to the HoYay! Written by Encore.
22. Meg Manning, death by "Porphyria's Lover." Written by spectralbovinePolter-Cow, inspired by jascottmidstofwinter and Robert Browning.
23. Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie, death by dereferencing a null pointer. Coded by lilserf.
24. Carrie Bishop, death by lip gloss. Written by spectralbovinePolter-Cow based on an idea by dearladydisdainmarks of love.
25. Lilly Kane, death by vorpal ashtray. Written by dearladydisdainmarks of love.
26. Alicia Fennel, death by happiness. Written by upanashadrosiecat.
27. Wallace Fennel, death by killer crossover hook. Written by kiwikazoomisskiwi.
28. Logan Echolls, death by fangirl love. Written by SweetCynic23SweetCynic.
29. Veronica Mars, death by mistaken identity. Written by picklepocketInigoMontoya. Alternate death by JenniferEileenJenniferEileen.
30. Keith Mars, death by noir. Written by dearladydisdainmarks of love.
31. Backup, death by double canicide. Written by alliterator.
32. Cliff McCormack surveys the wreckage and rides off into the sunset. Written by spectralbovinePolter-Cow and alliterator, respectively.

Obituaries by alliterator.

There once was a lawyer named Cliff,
Who one day fell off a cliff.
A death quite so tawdry
Engendered camaraderie
Among those who made him a stiff.

In conclusion, Diane Ruggiero is hot.
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