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From Lurid London to Eclectic Edinburgh

Next Friday, I will be visiting the United Kingdom for the very first time as an adult (I barely remember the few days we spent there when I was a kid). There is no company dime this time, unfortunately: barilosopher is getting married in St. Andrews on April 2, and I am using his wedding as an excuse to explore a foreign country that speaks English. That INVENTED English, even. I will have about four days in each city (plus a day trip to Stonehenge to cross that off my Life Goals [coupled with Bath because that seems to be the thing to do]), and I am getting all flaily at my lack of planning.

What should I see and do while I'm in London?

I have shockingly little idea of what I'm supposed to see in London. The Tower...of London? London...Bridge? The British Museum? Big Ben? I don't even know. People have also suggested the Tate Modern and Victoria and Albert and the Globe as well as various walking tours. Mostly, I want to see things I saw in Doctor Who.

And speaking of, you better believe I'm planning on going to the Doctor Who Experience! With maidofawesome!

Also, I must see a play, obvs! War Horse looks kind of amazing, and I have a cheap ticket for the night before I leave. Whoa, holy crap, In a Forest Dark and Deep stars Matthew Fox and Olivia Williams!! That could be totally awesome! Although it's a Neil LaBute play, so I will leave feeling incredibly dirty and hating myself, theatre, and humanity. And redflora, flymara, and I are seeing the longest-running play in history, The Mousetrap.

I don't know what to doooooo. Also, where would one go to buy music? I might as well try to find the Sohodolls CD while I'm there. And let's not forget food. Anywhere I should go out for an English?

What should I see and do while I'm in Edinburgh?

I have even less of an idea of what to do in Edinburgh, as I can barely pronounce it. HOW DID THEY FIT THAT EXTRA SYLLABLE IN THERE? G IS NOT A VOWEL. Apparently there is something called Arthur's Seat that is an extant volcano that I must climb so I can say I climbed a volcano. There are lots of ghosts and castles and grave robbers or something. And something called the Green Market, I don't know. There's like this underground city or whatever I want to see, Mary King's Close. I also have a list of interesting local haunts like cafes and bookstores. And sneaker328 says I should take a trip up to the Highlands and go see Nessie. I will be staying with ashfae, who I will finally get to meet after, like, a million years.

Also I have to fill up a bottle of rum for ariiadne or something. So that is one thing to do, but I have much more time to fill!

I may end up playing some of this by ear, but I don't want to miss out on anything I MUST see or do, so throw out your suggestions! Also general UK information/advice like how much cash I should need (this time, I'm going to be charging everything I can because I got screwed on the exchange rate last time), any safety concerns, tips on how to navigate the Tube, etc.
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