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So you remember how I said I raised another $1,000 in 6 days? Well, thanks to glasseseater, jeeperstseepers (a THIRD time!), harriettheelf, eponis, bookie85, cerulgalactus, lynevere, roxybisquaint, hackerguitar, debetesse, stephl, enshanam, porpentine, brendalu, sailaweigh, hollypaul96, jenelope, tiggz, rolley2001 (twice!), avipedia (a FOURTH and FIFTH time!), spadada, toughcookie42, vandalisimo, apriljoiex, nitedula (a random reader of cleolinda!), and others, I raised my fourth $1,000 in TWO days and my fifth $1,000 in THREE days, and I'm well on my way to my sixth. My competition for Top Fundraiser is hot on my tail, however, a little over $400 behind me, so I need to keep pushing toward $6,000 if I want to retain my title.

Please donate to 826 Valencia!

Today is the final Limerick Day, meaning that anyone who donates receives a limerick, and $25 or more gets you a hard-to-spell word of your choice incorporated into said limerick. Like so:
Josh, you are clearly no lurdane,
As you've given to me the burden
To rhyme syzygy.
I'm a whiz! Uh, gee.
This limerick here is your guerdon.
And speaking of hard-to-spell words, tomorrow is the Spelling Bee for Cheaters, you guys! I thought it was going to be tough to beat Michael Chabon, but now Adam Savage has a lot of cheating money! I need to practice! Everyone, throw your favorite words at me so I can win this BIG SHINY TROPHY.
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