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The Rise of the Thermometer

So you remember how I said I raised another $1000 in 6 days? Well, thanks to schnappycat, mutinousmuse, audzilla_, ellric, danea, mrspremise, star_holder (again!), avipedia (who has now donated THREE TIMES), and others, I, um, did it again. But, hey, why stop now? I need MORE CHEATING MONEY.

Please donate to 826 Valencia!

My new goal may look familiar. If I surpass it, it will make some sort of statement. I'm not sure what it is yet, but it will have been made.

And now, a couple blog recommendations!

etherealclarity has recently started Which Gift Should I Give? What is it about? It's about, er, which gift...you should give. Like me, Amy considers herself an expert gift-giver, and here she shares her tips. One situation you may find yourself in is wanting to give a gift not on the wedding registry. Okay, fine, you want to be unique, but how about you do get something off the registry and then include a personal addition? And what to do about Valentine's Day? Would you believe...paper flowers? Apparently, they're really easy to make, and she even provides a PDF of the pattern she used!

Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect gift, so it's nice to have a place with some guidelines and advice to inspire you.

And now for something completely different. My friend Amanda blogs at Steinho Told You So, and she makes my book and movie reviews seem dull and unentertaining. For instance:
So if you feel ill at the sight of another Gandalf clone with names like Aoyemandyer, or fantasy series where someone turns out to be the descendant/reincarnation/long-lost cousin of a Greek/Norse/Egyptian god, sooth your rankled soul and read "Mouse Guard." Because watching a mouse stab a bear in the face is both hilarious, and cool to see.
Dear Nicholas Sparks,

Why do you hate women? Why do you want us all to be depressed? Did you sign a pact with Jodi Picoult to write the most depressing stories known to mankind? Perhaps when you were a kid, someone threw a shoe at your head while watching the Love Boat, and henceforth you are unable to differentiate between romance and horrible life crises? Help me understand, Mr. Sparks. How do you write a book that is simultaneously sappier than a Canadian maple tree, cheesier than the Green Bay Packers and more depressing than those dog commercials featuring Sarah McLachlan?

Really, anyone who enjoys my LiveJournal (and that is, like, five people at this point) should be reading her blog instead.
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