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A-Cow-lah and the Bee

For the two of you wondering what I thought about the second volume of Love Fights, by Andi Watson: I really dug it! The second volume moves the Flamer story to the forefront and takes advantage of the book's conceit that comic books are fictional retellings of actual superhero exploits. And there are some neat plot twists! I don't think much of the art, honestly, but it's a cute story for comic book fans.

Some of you may remember that time I raised over $3000 for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation by running a half-marathon. You may also remember that I developed multiple overuse injuries, so, yeah, not doing that again. And yet, I like raising money for causes I support.

I've written many times about the pirate store, which is the retail front for 826 Valencia, which provides writing workshops for students from elementary school through high school as well as resources for teachers. I try to support them when I can because I believe in their mission to promote the literary arrrrrrts.

It’s about more than just writing stories, though. They help kids with their college application essays. They help children who are still learning English become more fluent in the language. They hold talks with local authors and writers to show students the power of the written word. In short, by helping these kids communicate effectively, they are crafting better leaders.

On February 17, they're hosting a Spelling Bee for Cheaters. Fellow competitors include Michael Chabon, Lemony Snicket, and Adam Savage from Mythbusters. And you guys know I'm a pretty good speller, but I've been out of the game for years! I'm rusty! I NEED TO CHEAT. The more money we raise as a team—and I am on a team of LIBRARIANS—the more cheats we can buy on game day. And we really want to beat Michael Chabon. So we need a lot of money. Also, you know, help the CHILDREN.

Every little bit, from $1 to $100, helps keep these writing programs free for students.

Please donate to 826 Valencia!

I've managed to reach my $1000 fundraising goal in 12 days thanks to jeeperstseepers, adnirem, frankdbunny, seaside16, raelee, dahliam, beeker121, ahtrap, rowanceleste, star_holder, skogkatt, bspalek, sneaker328, and others. I have their support, and I hope to have yours too! Because I'm not going to rest on my L-A-U-R-E-L-S: my new goal is to raise more money than our team leader and become the TOP FUNDRAISER. And win the Spelling Bee. By cheating a LOT. Suck it, Chabon!
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