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Comic-Con 2010: The Totally Abridged Edition

I will have epic posts with pictures next month, but I'm not even done writing down notes to refresh my mind grapes! I'm sure you all want to know how totally awesome Comic-Con was, though, so here goes. Even though I will totally be ruining any suspense and surprise in the longer story, as told.

I totally met taraljc and heard her unplaceable accent. We totally ran into Javi on the escalators. I totally ran into mycenae in the most congested aisle on the floor. Felicia Day totally recognized me, almost remembered my name, and gave me multiple high-fives. I totally bought a comic from my friend, Amy Martin. David Mack totally greeted me by name. I totally found Bryan Lee O'Malley at the Oni Press booth and he totally signed my books even though he wasn't doing a signing. David Malki ! totally remembered me from WonderCon and the previous Comic-Con. I totally met Ryan North and he totally drew me a little T-Rex in my book. The guy who runs feliciaday.com totally butted into my conversation with mutinousmuse, but it was totally cool. We totally saw Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis, Sandeep Parikh, Tony Janning, Tara Perry, Brooke Seguin, and Alex Albrecht do a hilarious improv show. I totally made Sandeep Parikh wonder what this marmoset was doing in his pants.

I totally ate an actual breakfast that sustained me for the entire day. I totally listened to Jeff Smith talk about Bone and Rasl even though I haven't read either. Chris Gore had a totally entertaining panel moderated by his #1 fan from Japan. I totally saved a seat for peri_peteia. I was totally chosen to be an intern during the X-Play panel. I totally delivered bologna sandwiches to audience members and shaved Blair Herter's chest. I totally talked to Morgan Webb for three seconds. Seanan totally got Amber Benson to sign my Cat's Claw even though I skipped her panel to shave a man's chest in front of hundreds of people. I totally met Stephen Tobolowsky. I totally got into Hall H after waiting in line for an hour. Helen Mirren is totally cool, and Bruce Willis is totally kind of dry. J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon totally had opinions on things. Edgar Wright is totally funny and should moderate everything. Brandon Routh is totally hot. Michael Cera totally wore a Captain America muscle costume. Edgar Wright totally led everyone who had a 1-UP pin to a screening of the movie. We totally ran to the Balboa Theater because we followed the wrong line. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is totally awesome, and we totally cheered every time Scott won a battle. Metric totally played an awesome four-song set after the movie. I totally watched Anna Kendrick rocking out to Metric. I totally squeed to Paul Cornell about the movie and to his wife about the concert. We totally couldn't find Javi until we did. I totally listened to a Leverage writer and a (former) Psych writer argue about whether Superman or Thor would win in a fight. I totally gave them my card.

Javi totally walked by us as we were in line for breakfast. Rae and I totally made Sex Bob-omb shirts and an awesome flipbook at the Scott Pilgrim vs. Comic-Con Experience. I totally walked a lot just to get a lame Red poster. I totally met Brian Michael Bendis and told him he was the reason I'm into comics. I totally met David Mack's hot Indian girlfriend. I totally saw Olivia Munn. mycenae totally snuck me into the Bones panel. Birds totally freak David Boreanaz out. Joss Whedon totally said a lot of things. Nathan Fillion totally made a surprise appearance. I totally walked right into the Chris Claremont panel. I totally met the cast of The Legend of Neil. Sandeep totally recognized me from like two days ago but probably not the year before. The Girls Gone Geek panel was totally as entertaining and interesting as I thought it would be. Erin and I would totally go to a panel with just Felicia Day, Marti Noxon, and the surprisingly awesome Laeta Kalogridis. Marti Noxon is totally nice and signed my Dr. Horrible DVD on Nathan's face. I totally told Melissa Rosenberg I was a huge Dexter fan. I totally met Michele Boyd, a.k.a. Stupid Tall Hot Girl. I totally met gossi for thirty seconds in the Fulfillment Room line. We totally had better service at Red Pearl this year. I totally collapsed on the bed and didn't go to any cool parties.

I totally got to the Chuck line an hour earlier this year. Rae totally delivered me her unwanted Dexter goodies, including a bag, a shirt, a LaGuerta bobblehead, and the S4 DVDs. We totally got pretty good seats and were able to see the cast dance to "Bad Romance." Ryan McPartlin totally mocked Adam Baldwin for still bringing up his old shows after four seasons. We totally got exciting casting spoilers. I totally walked into a panel featuring Mark Waid, Chris Claremont, Matt Fraction, and Brian Michael Bendis. Matt Fraction is totally cool. Gerard Way is totally blonde now. I totally asked Gabriel Bá what influences his art style. Seanan totally got Ryan Mecum to sign my Zombie Haiku even though I skipped her panel to see comic people. Bendis was totally entertaining, but I totally left early to attempt to get into the Guild panel. I totally cut in line to meet Dahlia. We totally saw Joel McHale. They totally said the room was full when there were eight people ahead of us. I totally met friends of Dahlia and bought their comic, which had totally just been optioned for a movie. I totally donated to the Cartoon Art Museum so Amy would sketch me as Scott Pilgrim beating up a dude. I totally saw Ron Glass. I totally walked into a Fanboy and Chum-Chum panel and saw Jamie Kennedy be a voice actor. People were totally concerned about spoilers in the Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour panel even though we were totally there to discuss the book. I totally asked Bryan Lee O'Malley about the development of Knives Chau through the series. I totally bought all of Atomic Robo even though I've only read one issue and two FCBD stories. I totally met Hadley for a couple minutes on the corner of 5th and J. Seanan totally bought me delicious Ghirardelli ice cream for carrying everyone's stuff back to the hotel room. I totally had to fight my way through the Zombie Walk to get back to the convention center. The first two episodes of the third and final season of The Legend of Neil are totally hilarious. I totally ran into a friend of mine from high school I hadn't seen in over a decade. I totally told Alex Albrecht that nsfinch says hello and gave him her e-mail address afterward. Felicia Day was totally terrified by a Like Like. The House That Drips Blood on Alex is totally bizarre. Tommy Wiseau is not inspired by anybody; he inspires himself. I totally need to see The Room now. Conan and I totally had dinner and talked about our jobs.

Seanan and Amy and Tara and I totally had a packing frenzy. I totally wandered the floor with Dahlia. We totally got free copies of A Game of Thrones. I totally walked into a kidlit panel, and it was totally entertaining even though I didn't know any of the authors. Christopher Pike totally didn't show up for the one panel I cared about, but the panel was good anyway. I totally waited in line to get a free ARC of Kathy Reichs's Virals for lodessa. I totally saw Camden Toy. Matt Fraction totally hung out with people waiting in line for his panel. Matt Fraction is totally hilarious, and I totally need to read his comics. Bill Hader totally made fun of anyone leaving during the panel. I totally met John Layman and Rob Guillory and told them how much I loved Chew. I totally quit Comic-Con an hour early and just sat in the lobby. Captain America totally doesn't want Comic-Con to goat to Anaheim. Erin totally took me to a place with the blandest Mexican food ever.

I totally fell asleep on the plane.
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