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Accidentally in Like

Last Monday, I went to Theater Pub to see Oedipus at Colonus, the one play in the Theban Chronicles that I was not in. There, I met a girl and, having discovered she was an actor, I got her a part in Seven Against Thebes that had fortuitously opened up. So after hanging out with her that night, I knew I'd see her at rehearsal the next day.

We have seen each other 7 out of the last 10 days. Here are things she has said/e-mailed/texted in that time:

"Edify me."
"I haven't known you that long, but I'm pretty sure you're awesome."
"It was lovely to see you too."
"damn - i'd love to [see a play with you tomorrow night, but I have to see the show I'm understudying for]"
"It's good to see you."
"You're right, we are going to the same rehearsal tomorrow. [So I could crash with you tonight.]"
"Take me all the way back to San Francisco? That's ridiculous!"
"Come, my friend, let us walk to public transportation!"
"Thanks so much for coming and the walk :)"
"That was very sweet of you."
"Thank you for the show and the sandwich."
"Please wish everyone the best for me xoxo"
"You're such a gentleman."
"That was a funny joke."
"This is a nice car."
"I don't want to stop seeing you."

This is too good to be true. It can't be real. I honestly thought she would be tired of me by now. Instead, at the very point that I decide to stop making an active effort to see her so I don't seem really desperate, she invites me to things. I don't understand what is going on. It needs to become clear that we are Just Friends soon so my life can make sense again.
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