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Maybe a Pizza Trophy

Since Friday night, all my meals have been pizza. PIZZA.

The Cheeseboard Pizza Collective ($20): Fresh corn, zucchini, mozzarella and feta cheese, garlic olive oil, Key limes, cilantro. The pizza was SO GOOD (even though I had to pick off the cilantro). Cheeseboard makes one vegetarian pizza a day, so the long line moves deceptively fast since they just keep cranking out slices. And when you buy a slice, you get a slice and a half. When you buy a pizza, you get a pizza and a slice. Aw.

The Occasion: Amy and Heidi and I were having dinner before meeting Dan, Ryan, and Dave for Twelfth Night at the Impact Theatre, which seemed to be like an East Bay version of the Thunderbirds, given that the director commented on someone sneezing during her introduction with "He must be allergic to AWESOME" and they had a silly informational survey that was used for an intermission drawing for a pint glass. Also, the theatre was in the basement of a pizza place. The play was great. It was a Hollywood interpretation, like Twelfth Night on a movie set where Orsino and Olivia are actors with entourages, and it worked far better than expected. Toby was especially entertaining because she was channeling Lucille Bluth, and Maria was a cute redhead with lots of mischievous energy. Andrew was a surfer/stoner dude. Feste belted out power ballads. Also, the play had totally awesome opening credits. Twelfth Night is one of my favorites, and it was a very fun production.

Leftover Costco ($0): Jalapeños and tomatoes. It was good.

The Occasion: I visited my family in Belmont on Saturday and introduced my cousin to Forbidden Island and then Guillotine.

Costco Pizza Plus ($??): Onions and peppers and whatnot on one. Onions and peppers and paneer on another. Sadly, the latter wasn't as good as I'd hoped; the paneer was in large chunks and didn't work well with the rest of the pizza.

The Occasion: My cousin's birthday. I gave him Guillotine. We had red velvet cake. Then I beat Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I died a lot, and there were some really awesome parts of the game, but I felt a little disappointed after all the hype. I don't think I felt the visceral HOLY CRAP THIS GAME RULES as much as I did in the first game. Although, like they say, that airport level still haunts me.

Tasty Indian Pizza ($15): Butter chicken sauce, mushrooms, red onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, chicken and mozzarella cheese. Topped with fresh cilantro and red onion. We got the cilantro ON THE SIDE, thank you. I love butter chicken and I love pizza, so butter chicken pizza = AWESOME.

The Occasion: Elisabeth (idreamofpeace)!! Whom I hadn't seen since January 2008. She was excited to see me, and I like that in a person. (She said I really did look more mature.) We were accompanied by a kid she used to nanny and his mom, whom she'd befriended. On the way to the pizza place (and then waiting for her friend to find us since we'd gotten separated), we listened to awesome music, and when a Green Day song came on, she said, "Did you know—?" and I said, "I loved it so much I saw it twice and I just bought the soundtrack." Then I played "Know Your Enemy" for her, and she squeed appropriately at the insertion of lines from "Jesus in Suburbia." We geeked out about indie music and husband-and-wife duos and so on. The four-year-old kid was a Beatles fan, so I played him the awesome Dirt Poor Robins cover of "Eleanor Rigby," and he said he liked it better than the original. After lunch, we played Guillotine and Guitar Hero 5. The kid was on drums, and he loved Bon Jovi, so our band was called Bad Name. We started out with some Peter Frampton song that was the longest song of all time, and then we played songs we actually wanted to play. Then we went to Borders, where Elisabeth read the kid Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It was a fun time.

Purple Pepper Pizza ($12): Chicken and onions. It was good, decent pizza, and it provided me with lunch and dinner today as well.

The Occasion: Watching the Lost finale with Sang! We enjoyed the two-hour retrospective beforehand, which reminded us why we loved the show. He thought we were some of the few people who still enjoyed the show and weren't just sticking with it out of obligation. We dug the clever Verizon "Final Transmissions" and the hilarious Target ads. As for the actual finale, it was great to have someone to watch with. We got excited when Vincent appeared since we had just been wondering where the hell he was, we freaked the fuck out and high-fived when Lapidus was alive, we made squeaky noises when Sawyer and Juliet passed each other in the hospital without making their Connection, and so on. I found the finale oddly satisfying even if it did not Answer all the Questions. I really like that the final message of the series is that it's the connection between all these people that matters. And the last shot was perfect. I am left with a more positive feeling of the finale and the series as a whole than I was after the BSG finale.

In conclusion: I like pizza.
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