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The Family Vacation Is Cut Short

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“So, as Mal would say, here's how it was. Yesterday, we went to the Great Smokey Mountains. And, let's see, what did I learn of the Great Smokey Mountains? Well, apparently, the Great Smokies were formed hundreds of thousands of many years ago, when North America and Africa had literally earth-shattering sex. The kind of sex that I myself aspire to have someday. The Great Smokey Mountains National Park is the only one in America that doesn't charge a fee, apparently. Um, there's a really cool salamander called "the hell-bender." Um [deep sigh], there are a lot of trees in the forest, on the mountains. They're smokey because, like, they're high, and, um, the cloud makes it look like smoke. Um [deep sigh] [sniff] [pause]... Yeah, yeah, they're not really that great, personally. I mean, they're mountain-y, and they're kinda cool if you like that kind of stuff. But there are bears that'll eat you. Um, Burger King Chicken Fries are not very good. Um, we passed by Dollywood and stuff, but we didn't actually see it, but it was there. Um [pause], yeah, there's really not much to say about the Great Smokey Mountains.

So, anyway, after the Great Smokey Mountains, we went to Chattanooga and stayed the night, and whatever, but, you see, we got a phone call last night, and, as Tigh would put it, "It really fracked things up, Bill." 'Cause my aunt's dad died - uh, he was old, and, like, it wasn't like an accident or anything like that, uh, I mean, he was supposed to have died two years ago, but he kept on living. But he finally did die yesterday - last night - and, so, the funeral's tomorrow, because, I don't know, we like to take care of things really quickly. Um, and that is how, as [?] would say, our vacation was cut short.

So, my parents and the rest of my family had to hightail it back home, but obviously I could not hightail it back home, because my flight goes out from Atlanta on Saturday. So I have been dropped off at my other aunt's house here [long pause] in Georgia. And, basically, I'm trapped here in Bremen, Georgia, the Golden Eagle Motel, for the next three days, until my flight on Saturday, with pretty much nothing to do. I have <i>Dreamcatcher</i> to finish, and I don't know about Internet access - they have a computer, but I don't think it's connected.

Uh [deep sigh], yeah, it's gonna be really boring. So [long pause], I'm callin' out to, you know, anyone in the - Bremen, Georgia is, like, about an hour West of Atlanta - so I'm callin' out to all the people, you know, in Georgia, Atlanta-area, I'm looking at you. Lindsay and Leanne, most likely. <i>[Sorry if I spelled your names wrong. -<lj user="nsfinch">.]</i> And I know there are Buffistas in the area, but I don't remember who they are. So, if anybody in that area would like to come get me and [laughs] make- spend some time with me, so the day's not boring until I go to sleep, that would be great. And, uh, I think I might be in Atlanta on Friday. Like, actually Atlanta. Might be out there on Friday. So that might be easier for some people, so if anybody in the area might - and there's no parental supervision, so it should be easy to see people, although - yeah.

Uh [sigh], that's pretty much it. There goes - my vacation's pretty much over now. Except [sigh], I hope to be able to see people now that I've been stranded here, in Georgia. Uh, and, um, yeah. Really bored. And... lonely. And [long pause] I'm probably going - I don't know why I'm feeling all weirdly emotional - you can probably hear it in my voice - which is why it's good to make a phone post, 'cause you can hear the emotions that are coming through in my words.

And this family vacation wasn't that bad, actually. I guess I could say that my dad wasn't really too mean about anything. I mean, it's the same practical things, I just take it the wrong way, because, he's never been really supportive of the writing thing. But, yeah, well, I don't need to talk about [cuts off].”

Transcribed by: nsfinch
Tags: family, kibbles and angst, personal, phonepost, such is life, vacation

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