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Zombie Dance Party!

This weekend was doubly exciting, for not only was it a celebration of the release of Feed but also Rae was in town! HERE COME THE GERUNDS.

  • getting to Kate's house late on Friday night for the pre-release party party and finding no one home
  • calling Seanan and discovering that they had gotten hungry and gone to dinner because they had forgotten about me
  • walking to House of Curries and giving Seanan the Death Stare before having to do more walking to go inside and order cholay chicken and chicken naan (CHICKEN NAAN!)
  • wondering where Rae was but not wanting to ask in case I was missing something, then discovering that I was right to wonder because Seanan had forgotten about her too
  • moving tables around to accomodate our large group, which got larger when two additional people showed up, but in Seanan's defense, they hadn't RSVPed
  • sharing our abundance of naan
  • saying hello to a passing co-worker, yes, a passing co-worker, this is my life
  • making a scene in Safeway even though we weren't drunk
  • reading Wild and Woolly Clean Jokes for Kids off the Special Olympics donation table
    • "How many dogs does it take to knit a sweater?" "None. Dogs can't knit."
    • "What kind of monkey can fly?" "A hot-air baboon!" (This was my favorite and no one else liked it.)
    • "What's green and smells like paint?" "Green paint!" (This was everyone else's favorite.)
  • telling bad jokes on the walk back to Kate's
    • Some of you will be happy to know I offered "What's brown and sticky? A stick!" and "Where does the king keep his armies? In his sleevies!"
  • watching GP create Corpse Revivers with the power of mixology SCIENCE!!
  • proudly displaying the Ryman pin Rae made and adjusting its position on my shirt so that it read, "Just don't tell Ryman what he can't do," which delighted Seanan
  • letting Seanan cling to me until my arm went numb after hearing that John Rogers Tweeted that Feed was "pretty damn great"
  • watching The Muppet Show with Bernadette Peters on Kate's magic TV and enjoying the random chicken interludes
  • searching for the Fraggle Rock opening on YouTube because someone admitted to never having seen it
  • spending almost an hour watching videos of '80s and '90s cartoon theme songs, many for shows I had never heard of but whose entire plotlines Seanan could describe
  • taking Rae back to my apartment, where I posted on Facebook and she responded on her iPhone on my couch a couple yards away from me
  • watching The Wrik*do and West Coast Story before going to sleep
  • waking up early on a Saturday and eating cereal
  • watching an episode of Psych together—"Lights, Camera...Homicidio!" which is one of my favorite episodes and as what may be my favorite line of the show
  • seeing Iron Man 2, which was really good and interesting, though less action-packed than the first movie
  • reading Feed on the BART into town and playfully recreating this scene
  • searching for food in the Westfield Food Court and choosing the sweet chicken with crispy basil that I had sampled at Coriander Gourmet Thai
  • efficiently ditching Rae in Westfield while I rushed to audition for The Theban Chronicles
  • auditioning competently, I suppose, for dramatic readings of Greek tragedy prose
  • running into someone wearing the same Threadless shirt as we both stepped on the freaky curving escalators in the Westfield
  • meeting Rae at the Borders, where I picked up a copy of Feed so I wouldn't deplete the limited Borderlands stash as much in buying copies for the staff at my comic book store
  • walking down to the Orpheum to buy tickets for Wicked, which I am finally going to see with my friends and medical writing buddies in a couple weeks
  • arriving in the Mission and deciding to give Rae part of the second half of the Mission Tour, beginning with a trip to Bi-Rite
  • stopping the line as the girl behind the counter admired my shirt
  • asking for cookies and cream on the bottom and balsamic strawberry on top
  • walking by Dolores Park, which was having some sort of fiesta dance party
  • getting to Borderlands fashionably early, buying two more copies of Feed, and hanging out in the Borderlands Cafe while we both read Feed
  • handing a Browncoat a Ryman pin
  • helping Seanan arrange eight dozen mini-cupcakes on the counter
  • taking pictures of all the cupcakes—mudslide, assorted including grasshopper, candy corn, but most especially braaaaaains (actually cherry cordial)—and then the other sweet treats
  • milling about and chatting with various people whom I'd met at previous readings, even if I didn't remember their names
  • capturing photographic evidence that I was one of many zombies who attacked Rae
  • listening to Seanan—as her horror alter-ego, Mira Grant (sans wig since the wig shop was closed)—read the first chapter of Feed, in which Shaun pokes a zombie with a stick and Georgia sails over a zombie horde on a dirtbike
  • watching Seanan deftly answer question after question about zombies and books and zombie books
  • being pleased that Missy did come, the only person I had invited who made it
  • being pleased that she did indeed buy a copy of the book—for her roommate, but she intended to read it as well
  • voting for "Gimme a Z!" as the second reading of the night
  • laughing at the Fighting Pumpkins story about a zombie cheerleader
  • asking Seanan whether zombies poop but disagreeing with her answer because zombies certainly don't use toilets and if they pooped they'd be zombie poopypants all the time and smell like shit instead of death and rotting flesh
  • being treated to the BEST STORY EVER, which involves Seanan's being fangirled and fanboyed at the goddamn CDC because of "The Black Death" and being asked to prove her identity by singing part of the song to her contact at the CDC, who she then proceeded to unsettle by coming up with a scarily plausible zombification virus
  • looking through the DVDs with Missy, who decided that she must own The Devil Bat, in which Bela Lugosi attracted a devil bat to his victims with a specially concocted shaving lotion
    • We are totally going to get together and watch it when she gets back from Jordan, and it will be the best 67 minutes of our lives
  • being bitten by Seanan but then shrugging it off, not wanting anyone to shoot me in the head before I went into viral amplification
    • Except then I did go into amplification and attacked Seanan, who grabbed me by the throat and attempted to choke me until I fell to the ground, dead.
    • I remained dead for almost five minutes. Seanan was afraid she'd actually killed me since she had been pressing on my carotid. But the occasional twitch confirmed my live status.
    • Otherwise, though, I was pretty impressive with my shallow breathing and general lack of reaction. I even managed to stay dead while being tickled.
    • It was only when Seanan threatened to kick my head that I had to crack.
  • reanimating and groaning and giving Missy a zombie hug
    • She shoved me away when I tried to bite her, though.
    • I remained a zombie as I shambled out the store and walked toward Phoenix.
    • Missy criticized my shamble, saying it was more of a sway and that I should drag my feet, and I tried to accomodate
    • She wasn't joining us for dinner, so I gave her another zombie hug and groaned, "Thaaaaaank yoooooou."
  • staying dead at the table in Phoenix, groaning intermittently
    • It was easy to play dead since I was tired and had a headache.
    • I had to wait until Seanan arrived to revive. Rae commented on my commitment.
    • When I got a glass of water, I tried to drink it by putting my head down, but I couldn't reach the water. I did it over and over. Marti said I was like one of those little bird toys.
    • Finally, when I thought I had made my point, I used my hands to drink some water, which brought me back to life.
  • pretending I had no idea what had happened or how I got there
  • reviving just in time to order baked macaroni and cheese and eat the nachos and onion rings Marti had ordered
  • being informed that I was now married to Brooke
  • not being terribly impressed with the macaroni and cheese, which was good but nothing super special
  • running into one of Seanan's friends on the walk back to BART
  • driving Rae back to her sister's
  • going home and sleeping for twelve hours
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