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If You Don't Go to a Comic Book Store Today, You Will Regret It for the Rest of Your Life

Last night I finished Changeless, by Gail Carriger, the sequel to Soulless, which I enjoyed. I liked this book even more, really. Since it's the second book, we can get right into the actual plot without spending time explaining all the worldbuilding, so there's much more of a sense of purpose than in Soulless, which meandered about for hundreds of pages before really getting interesting. I liked that there was still some worldbuilding going on, and I saw subtleties about a society where the supernatural beings are commonplace that weren't totally highlighted or apparent in the first book, which seemed to be more about being kooky. Not that this one wasn't kooky and didn't make me laugh, but I don't know, it felt more assured. The plotting, while just as loose in style as the first book, was more complex, and I couldn't even follow some of the reveals at the end. I'm definitely looking forward to the next book.

You guys, today is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! It's a real thing; I didn't just make it up. I was in a communications course with eleven other co-workers the last two days, and we had to give a presentation (many, but one we got to prepare for), and I chose to talk about comics. I explained that comics were not just for kids, and there was much more than just superhero comics, recommending books like Y: The Last Man, Chew, 100 Bullets, and Powers. I also had to brave a hostile Q&A. I even led a field trip to a comic book store, all in a valiant attempt to introduce these people to the wonderful world of comics.

As a side note, I was told I was hysterical and I should do stand-up comedy.

Go to the FCBD website and punch in your zip code to find participating comic book stores. You can walk in and grab some FREE COMICS and learn more about this medium of storytelling. It's not like I haven't given you enough recommendations. Take a look, ask a staff member, see what you like.

In conclusion, one of my co-workers thinks it's inspiring to see someone so passionate about a hobby, and her youngest son is named Thor.
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