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April in April!

This weekend, aprilbegins flew up to visit me! And some other friends, but mostly me. And some other friends. So she got to be part of a very long list of gerunds—with bonus sentences.

  • picking April up from OAK at 8:30 on a Saturday morning
  • having breakfast at Aunt Mary's and ordering the same thing: a pancake with agave and a buttermilk biscuit
    • The pancake was big and fluffy, but it tasted funny. Egg-y. Like French toast. Which is fine because I love French toast, but when I want a pancake, I want...a pancake.
    • While we waited for food, I scrolled through April's iPod to confirm her music cred.
  • watching a couple episodes of 30 Rock—one on my DVR and one on Hulu—and laughing heartily, rewinding to hear our favorite jokes again
  • singing along to Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Zero" and giving April a high-five for also doing the "pyoo!" sound during the chorus
  • hunting for toothpaste and a toothbrush at Whole Foods
  • not ending up at a strip club as April walked to the ATM
  • resting our eyes on April's shoulder on the BART ride into town
  • welcoming April to the Mission, where it is always beautiful except when it isn't (today, it was)
  • stopping in the first of many thrift shops, Clothes Contact, to search for items for a Mork costume; finding pants and some sweet tote bags
  • visiting one of four Mission coffeeshops recommended by ariiadne, Four Barrel, since April, like Lorelai, needed to remain coffeeinated
    • Apparently her coffee tasted like V8, though.
    • Also we were disturbed by the offer of "public cuppings."
  • encountering a wait at Ti Couz
    • But the waiting room had this awesome comfy spinny chair.
    • And April had to hide her coffee and take surreptitious sips when the waiter wasn't looking. We were sat at the bar.
  • practicing our rudimentary Spanish...in a French restaurant
  • having a shrimp-and-mushroom crepe with all these teeny little shrimpykins
  • embarking on the famed Mission Tour
    • Or at least attempting to, as April popped into Therapy, which seemed like a store that would make her happy. But they did not have suspenders for her Mork costume. The girl at the counter recommended Multikulti three doors up the block, where we found rainbow suspenders, exactly what she needed!
  • admiring the murals in Clarion Alley
  • spotting Thrift Town across the street at the other end
    • Unlke Clothes Contact, which was a specifically vintage clothing store that sorted clothing by era and style (and sold by weight, what the fuck), this was a giant smorgasbord of everything.
    • We looked and looked for the perfect stripey shirt and kept coming up short, since April couldn't fit into kids' clothing.
    • They also had CDs, though, so I left with Lily Allen's Alright, Still for a dollar, and April added to her music collection as well.
  • waiting for almost twenty minutes at Bi-Rite, which was worth it since April sure loved her salted caramel
  • taking April to the pirate store because even though she didn't like pirates, she did like irony
    • She quite enjoyed the fish theatre, although she felt bad for the pufferfish, who made the same exact lap over and over, as if he were trying to beat his best time, trying to optimize the route.
    • I read one of the signs, but not in a pirate voice, as she asked, because, counterintuitively, pirate voice is not necessarily good for the pirate store. Instead, you need unbridled sincerity and a tongue close to the cheek, but not too close.
    • I didn't get to have her mopped, sadly.
  • taking April to Borderlands because even though she didn't like sci-fi/fantasy books, she did like hairless cats
    • Unfortunately, the cats were OUT.
    • "Sunil!" I heard my name called. I turned around. It was a former co-worker, the one who had recommended Chew and Soulless to me. He had missed the Gail Carriger signing, when I had expected to see him, but here he was now, unexpectedly!
    • It was nuts because the whole day, I felt we were behind schedule, but if we had reached Borderlands earlier, I would have missed him. On the other hand, we may not have missed the cats.
  • replenishing the coffee in April's veins at the Borderlands Cafe
    • April liked the shopping-food-shopping structure of our day.
    • Cole was wearing steampunk goggles while doing dishes. Aw.
  • walking all the way down to Ritual, another recommended coffeeshop, only to discover that April had already been there, so we did not need to go there again
  • giving April permission to enter Dog-Eared Books and look around, as it was not a sworn enemy of Borderlands or anything
  • snagging a free copy of Fast Food Nation dropped off by a man with a box of books they wouldn't buy
  • taking April to Paxton Gate because even though she didn't like taxidermy, she did like going to approved stops on the Mission Tour
  • being confused by the new location of the best thing in the store
  • becoming part of some man's strange performance art piece as he filmed me talking about not knowing who the fuck Justin Bieber was and April wrote on his drawing of Justin Bieber (next to drawings of John McCain, Barack Obama, and other public figures with comments and additions by passersby)
  • spying Community Thrift Store across the street and darting in
    • Clothing was a bust again, but this place had an even larger selection of CDs! Except they were a scandalous $1.50 instead of a dollar.
    • Regardless, I picked up Deftones' Adrenaline (for a dollar because of the disc's questionable condition), Persephone's Bees' Notes from the Underworld, Harvey Danger's Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone?, and Laika's Sounds of the Satellites.
    • April found a bunch of CDs she wanted, included CDs she used to own before they were stolen, but she was perhaps happiest that I pointed out Madonna's Ray of Light.
    • She also found a 49ers pin with her birth year, which she was ecstatic about since her history with the 49ers literally went back to the womb.
  • skipping the Ferry Building since it was going to close soon—I told you we were behind schedule!—and then also deciding to skip the play we were going to see, which also meant skipping the other two coffeeshops on the list
  • taking April up in the glass elevator at the Westin St. Francis and pointing out Coit Tower in the distance
  • running into a woman I had just met a few days at the AMWA conference that I haven't written about yet, but she'll probably be called Crawfi
    • I noticed her in the lobby on our way out, and I couldn't believe it was her, but it was, and I waited for her to be done with her conversation and notice me, and she did.
    • She joked that I was stalking her, since she had been "stalking" me at the conference. She introduced me to her husband.
    • Even weirder, she wasn't even there for the conference whose attendees we'd ridden in the elevator with. She was just there celebrating the birthday of an old friend. Completely random.
    • Again, we were behind schedule, but if we hadn't been, that meeting wouldn't have happened. On the other hand, maybe we would have been trapped in an elevator with a hot girl who wanted to make out with me. Tell me my possible futures, Dyson Frost.
  • discussing the sign in the BART train sponsored by Hyatt that encouraged people to introduce themselves to the person sitting next to them
    • "Hi, I'm Sunil." "April." "Want to have sex in a hotel?"
    • This became a running joke. Once, I did it while a woman walked past us, and I used the line again as we pulled into my apartment that evening. Each time, it cracked April up.
  • finally experiencing the hippietastic wonder that is Cafe Gratitude, a vegan, 90% raw restaurant
    • Our waitress, ironically, was named Jess, as in, the self-professed meatatarian who can't stop rolling her eyes at a menu where every item is called "I Am Radiant" or "I Am Devoted" or "I Am Honoring" (I Am Not Kidding). This Jess, however, looked as organic as the food, and she explained everything to us newbies, including the fact that the restaurant was apparently based on a board game. Called Abounding River.
    • Except it wasn't really a game, as we discovered when she brought us cards. Cards that were all about introspection and sharing your feelings and getting in touch with your Spirit word and saying things like "I am being love" three times out loud.
    • April took the questions much more seriously than I did. She said I was too cynical for this place.
    • Jess also left us with the Question of the Day, which we were free to ponder or not, to share our answer with her or not: "Where or when do you feel most free?"
    • When it came to order, April wanted to do it right. "I am effervescent!" I said, ordering the house ginger ale. "I am ecstatic!" said April, ordering a vanilla latte with hazelnut milk. April knocked on the table for the cue: "And we are festive!" we said together, ordering a taco salad to split. Jess asked us how festive we were, and we told her we wanted it large, and with black beans. And with cashew nacho cheese? Oh, definitely.
    • "You are effervescent," said Jess as she brought me my drink. "And you are ecstatic," she told April. Cafe Gratitude was so positive and affirming! And my ginger ale was strong as shit. Very powerful ginger, going right to the back of my throat and creeping up my sinuses. It was kind of awful and kind of awesome.
    • Our festive salad came with flax chips, which were good. The cashew nacho cheese sauce was pretty good too. But holy crap, the crumbled walnut-seed taco filling was so good! We wanted more of it. I can't even describe what it tasted like. Just something good. Unfortunately, I had to deal with dirty cilantro, but, as April said, the cilantro was the only dirty thing in the place. Besides the hippies.
    • Jess brought us the dessert menu after seeing how much we hated our meal, and April and I deliberated for quite some time before being adventurous. When Jess came back, April knocked on the table: "We are awakening!"
    • Vegan, raw key lime pie sounds like a bad idea...but it was awesome. Avocado-lime custard, coconut meringue, pecan-macadamia date crust. Tart, sweet, nutty. All the flavors complemented each other, and we savored every bite.
    • April had a new favorite restaurant that wasn't Starbucks.
  • downloading Iron Man at home while April watched Mad Men
  • watching Doctor Who and then The Office as April took a nap to recover from the long day
  • letting her just call it a night
  • groggily dropping her off at the BART station Sunday morning to go see her other friends
  • attending a waffle party hosted by Alexis (PFSIL), at which I had such treats as vegan bacon waffles and chocolate fortune cookies and got to leave with some excess veggie sausage
    • Also one couple brought their vegan dog. Because this is San Francisco.
  • hitting the DeathPlay wrap party and being very happy to see everyone again
  • delighting Kathy with my Carlyle voice once again
  • discovering that Hansen's Natural Cane Soda is pretty good
  • closing my eyes and just listening to the three or four separate conversations going on in the room
  • putting in a rather poor showing in my first-ever round of Butt Nickels, not even making it all the way to the cup before dropping four out of the five nickels
  • admiring Kathy's impressive five-nickel win, plus points for style
  • going out to get April's stuff out of my trunk
    • Oh, you thought there was no more April in this story, huh? You were wrong!
    • I met the illustrious Kesha, and she met the illustrious me.
    • April had to say goodbye to me for real now, which was sad. And now there's no more April in this story.
  • finding that Game Night had begun without me
    • Luckily, I got to the people playing Fluxx just in time to guide them through the game, which it took them a few rounds to get into, but they eventually enjoyed. Until we played a game where I ended up with fifty million cards and a Play All and inevitably won.
    • Very impressively, Kuma (a dog) managed to avoid the cards on the floor for the most part, only a couple times stepping on the deck or knocking cards over.
    • We switched to Taboo, which is always a good time. Even though our team was sorely trounced.
    • Perhaps because when Shay asked for signs of the Zodiac, Theresa answered, "Dizziness!" And once I got Scorpio, he asked what animal was associated with it, and I spent many precious seconds in idiotic ignorance before figuring it out.
  • hugging everyone goodbye
  • not writing this post last night because I was just too tired from a fun, eventful weekend
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