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An LJ Entry About Lost! On Wednesday Night! Wowsers!

Lost was okay, nothing spectacular. The guns are going to make things interesting. Especially since next week is the LOVE TRIANGLE OF DEATH OH NOES.

But I think I'm over Charlie, unfortunately, despite the peanut butter, despite the Good Ship Charlie Loves Babymama. Because the man is pathological with his caregiver complex.

Charlie has been the Nice Guy, and I usually identify with the Nice Guy. I, too, have a need to take care of people, and yes, women especially, and yes, pretty women especiallier. So I understood his desire to protect Claire. But I'd like to think I'd take the hint when she told me she didn't need so much protecting.

Also, I like to be taken care of as well. If you don't want protecting, fine...protect me! I am weak and lonely. Let me cry on your shoulder.

I want to take care of people, but I'm selfish enough that it's not pathological.

When Charlie shot Ethan, Melanie groaned, "Oh, he killed him to protect Claire." Good going, Charlie, kill the only lead.

"In his defense," I said, "HE TRIED TO KILL HIM." That, I think, was a decent enough motivation to let loose on Ethan, even after Jack punched him five. Thousand. Times.

Plus, Ethan killed Scott! Leaving Steve all alone! That, too, might be a reason to shoot Ethan, to protect the rest of the camp.

But then, no. No, Charlie. You didn't. You did not just slaughter the man to keep him from touching your poor, defenseless Claire. You did not just say that was your only motivation. I thought of Wes shooting his Robot Dad in "Lineage," but that was different, as Fred was in immediate danger.

And then, no. You got that job to try and start a new life. You got it so Lucy would think you were respectable. Not so she would think you could take care of her. That was when he truly went from Nice Guy to Creepy Guy.

When you watch a television show, you tend to latch onto the familiar. You follow the characters who are most like you. But you get to watch those characters change and react to different situations. It's like a mirror into the future. You can see what the seeds of your own personality may one day grow into.

Charlie is the kind of person I'm afraid of becoming.
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