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You Don't Need to Read This Right Meow

Cat's Claw, by Amber Benson, is the sequel to Death's Daughter, and all of my complaints about the first book still stand, for the most part. I seriously wanted to throw the book across the room during the first few chapters, but once the plot kicked in, I began to enjoy it more. Although I began to notice new things I disliked, like the fact that all pop culture references are awkward and overexplained and I liked anyone who wasn't Calliope more than Calliope, just on principle. She's really not a compelling protagonist or a particularly strong one, and she even recognizes it. She knows that she's an idiot who gets herself into trouble because she just won't shut up and never thinks about what she's doing until the end of the book when she finally grows a brain.

The book helpfully fills the reader in on any plot details from Death's Daughter they need to know to follow the plot, so it's not necessary to read it first, but it is, as always, advised. I felt that this book didn't focus as much on the Death-as-corporation aspect that I liked in the first book, and it didn't have the novelty of the worldbuilding inherent to the first book, but the narrative is more straightforward, with Calliope going from point A to point B to point C with very little dilly-dally. And just as before, I was prepared to declare this book mediocre until the last seventy pages happened and upgraded it to decent. The plot resolution is fairly convoluted, but it does involve one of my favorite SFF tropes, so that's always a plus. It's hard to struggle through a book to get to a good ending, but it's better than the alternative, I suppose.

The last page is SUPER CHEESY, though.

This journal has been sorely lacking in polls. I've missed them.

Poll #1534519 And behold, a white horse

What book/comic/movie/TV show has your favorite representation of Death?

Death's Daughter
The Sandman
The Book Thief
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
The Seventh Seal
Death Takes a Holiday
Meet Joe Black
My favorite representation of Death is not represented here!
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