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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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May 24th, 2016

10:50 am - Where No Cow Has Been Lost in Space Before
My Star Trek experience was supposed to end with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but my friend Olivia was so insistent that I watch Star Trek: Voyager—and some other friends were fans as well—that I decided that while I did not have the time to dedicate a true abridged watch, I was interested in getting a taste of the show to see what the deal was, so I asked her to curate a Greatest Hits version, distilling the whole show into, like, 30 episodes. Which became more like 40 episodes, thanks to various two-parters. She used the Bechdel test as a criterion for inclusion, which helped narrow the list down; when Bryan Fuller got the new Star Trek gig, I also asked for some good Fuller episodes. Voyager has a plot arc so some episodes are essential, but it's not as heavily serialized as DS9, so it was a matter of choosing enough episodes for me to be able to follow the general plot while also giving me some of the best standalones the series has to offer.

For reference, here is the list! I am more than halfway through it and I'm really enjoying the show!

Coffee! I think that's Janeway's catchphrase.Collapse )

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