January 29th, 2013


Nominate Mark Oshiro for Best Fan Writer Hugo 2013!

Hugo nominations are upon us, and while I obviously endorse any and all nominations for Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant (I think I've made my case for her enough times already), this year I am fervently campaigning to get Mark Oshiro on the ballot for Best Fan Writer.

Mark Oshiro writes for Mark Reads and Mark Watches (plus Mark Plays). He reads books and watches TV shows completely unspoiled, and he brings a fresh perspective and his own personal experiences, allowing fans to fall in love with their favorite books and TV shows all over again. He spent the last year writing about Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse, and, without fail, he gave me a renewed and new appreciation for each show, discovering themes I'd never picked up on before and illuminating character arcs I hadn't paid much attention to. He found something rewarding in every issue of The Sandman, he added a whole new meta layer to The Princess Bride, and his emotional destruction due to Newsflesh is endlessly entertaining. You haven't really experienced The Lord of the Rings until you've read Lords and Stuff: A Play (Act 4, Scene 1; Act 14, Scene 1; Act 345, Scene 1; and Act 3,451, Scene 1). Mark makes me love things more than I already did, and, you guys, I already love things a lot. It's unbridled emotion mixed with insightful critiques, and it's created a wonderful community of people.

He's just a fan who loves things, and we can love things with him. The Best Fan Writer Hugo so often goes to a professional writer, and I want a regular fan to win. I believe Mark would be the first gay person-of-color to be nominated for Best Fan Writer, too. Do it for DIVERSITY. Also because he totally deserves it. Do it for DESERVITY.

I highly recommend buying a Supporting Membership by January 31. I know $60 is a lot, but for that price, you get all of the following:
  • The ability to nominate for this year's Hugos.
  • The ability to vote for this year's Hugos.
  • The ability to nominate for next year's Hugos.
  • The Hugo Voters Packet, which contains electronic versions (PDFs, as well some other formats) of every nominated work—including graphic novels—except for television episodes and movies.
Just the five nominated novels alone make it worth it. It's an astounding value, and it lets you participate in one of the sci-fi/fantasy community's most prestigious awards, which is awarded not by some highbrow committee of elders but by the fans.

So if you're participating in this year's Hugos, please consider nominating Mark Oshiro for Best Fan Writer! Because, well, I want two Hugo-nominated friends.