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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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November 15th, 2012

09:47 am - Elementary!
One of the best things about getting a Kindle is that Project Gutenberg has tons of classic works available for free! So I took the opportunity to read the entire Sherlock Holmes canon by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It took me ten months, but I finally finished.

A Study in ScarletCollapse )

The Sign of the FourCollapse )

The Adventures of Sherlock HolmesCollapse )

The Memoirs of Sherlock HolmesCollapse )

The Hound of the BaskervillesCollapse )

The Return of Sherlock HolmesCollapse )

The Valley of FearCollapse )

His Last BowCollapse )

The Case-Book of Sherlock HolmesCollapse )

I feel like this was a worthy use of my time in this Holmes-saturated era. Now I want to rewatch Sherlock.
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