February 2nd, 2012


Well, What If There Is No Tomorrow? There Wasn't One Today

Oh my God, why haven't I been posting? Because my world is a crotch, that's why.
  1. Work. Work. Also, work. So much work. I was at work till after 7 the other night, and, honestly, if I weren't busy with other things, I would be staying late(r) all this week.
  2. My passport expired, and I need to get a passport photo and send in the application and all that.
  3. I got a speeding ticket, and I need to pay it and take an online traffic course, but there are like three or four to choose from and I hope the one I pick isn't going to rip me off.
  4. I need to remember to renew my renter's insurance.
  5. I am rehearsing for two short plays (yes, two, I picked up a small part in another Eat Our Shorts show). Rehearsals are both on Thursday nights, and I have to run from one to catch the end of the other, since I only have a small part. I'm pretty off-book, but not completely, and I barely had time to practice my lines since the last rehearsal.
  6. I need to memorize a 1-minute monologue for the Bay Area One Acts audition, but the one I really want to do is 1:40, maybe 1:20 if I cut a little. I have one that's about a minute, but it's not as awesome, though I could probably do well with it; it just wouldn't be as impressive, I don't think.
  7. I have to expand some 2-page scenes into 5- to 9-page scenes to submit to Act One, Scene Two, who will cold read my scene and then improvise the rest of the play.
  8. I have to write an ode to the concessions and an ode to the sound designer for the March Theater Pub show. These are short, maybe only a minute or two, but I want to be creative and entertaining, as well as give these roles their due.
  9. I'm also going to direct one of them.
  10. And act in one of them.
  11. I also need to work on the second act of Gravity.
  12. I also need to write something to submit for this year's Pint Sized Plays.
  13. I am also putting together four open sessions for the AMWA Annual Conference.
  14. I am also supposed to be putting together the newsletter for AMWA NorCal but haven't reinstalled Adobe InDesign on my new laptop, and I think I'm going to have issues because I didn't deauthorize the program on my old computer before it died, so I hope one of the registration codes I have still works.
  15. I haven't backed up my laptop in a few months, and I should.
  16. I am e-mailing with a potential future wife who actually sounds promising from the one e-mail I've gotten from her.
  17. I did meet this cute girl I was maybe going to ask out (ha ha, yeah right), but then I stalked her Twitter and found out she has a boyfriend.
  18. Uh, I still watch TV and movies and read books and play games and sometimes eat food?