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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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December 5th, 2010

06:17 pm - Chillin' in MilAMWAukee
It was that time again! Time again for the AMWA Annual Conference, this time in scenic Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

That sounds sooooo exciting!

Hi, Gerald. How you been?


I'll bet. All right, whatever, let's do this. Can we get through five days in a reasonable amount of time? We don't want to bore the living crap out of everyone. They don't care about my medical writing conferences. Except for nsfinch. She cares about everything.

I'm going to gobble her up one day!

Thanksgiving humor. Cute.

No, I mean it. Gobble.

Let's just get on with this. How about we skip the plane trip to Milwaukee, except for the time where I texted schnappycat in Denver and she waved at me.

So what'd you do once you got to your hotel, the Hilton City Center Milwaukee?

What DID I do??Collapse )

I feel like you left a lot out, sir.

Please, I can't remember EVERYTHING. It's been weeks! I didn't take notes. Live with it, dragon.
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