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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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August 26th, 2010

11:41 pm - Comic-Con 2010, Day 5: A Fraction of the Length of Previous Posts
Sunday morning, the four of us must pack madly!

San Diego Marriott Gaslamp: The DepartureCollapse )

Exhibit Hall: Dunny and DahliaCollapse )

Panel: Entertaining One's Inner ChildCollapse )

Panel: Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Teen Angst in Young Adult FictionCollapse )

Signing: Kathy ReichsCollapse )

Pre-Panel: Matt FractionCollapse )

Panel: Matt FractionCollapse )

Exhibit Hall: John Layman and Rob GuilloryCollapse )

Dinner: PokezCollapse )

At the airport, it is easy to tell who is leaving from Comic-Con. We have geeky bags and geeky shirts and geeky purchases. And we are probably falling asleep on the plane because holy shit, are we tired.

And so ends another Comic-Con. It was not as epically epic overall as last year since last year was my first time doing everything, and I was meeting so many famous people and running into them randomly and stuff, and I spent a lot more time with my friends. But this year had its fair share of awesomeness (even though it was largely concentrated in Wednesday and Thursday).

I wonder what next year will bring.
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