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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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August 25th, 2010

11:46 pm - Comic-Con 2010, Day 4: Eight Panels in a Duffel Bag
On Saturday, I wake up at 6 and am out the door by 6:30, efficient but groggy. I hit the magic deli for breakfast, and they are able to whip me up a GIGANTIC turkey/egg/cheese breakfast sandwich, and I also get a turkey sandwich for lunch later. I am so forward-thinking! Plus, for kicks, I get a smoothie.

Pre-Panel: ChuckCollapse )

Panel: ChuckCollapse )

Panel: Marvel Comics Writers Unite!Collapse )

Panel: Gerard WayCollapse )

Panel: Brian Michael BendisCollapse )

Pre-Panel: The GuildCollapse )

Exhibit Hall: Signing and SketchingCollapse )

Panel: Fanboy and Chum-ChumCollapse )

Panel: Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour vs. the FansCollapse )

Exhibit Hall: Return to Red 5Collapse )

San Diego Gaslamp District: Ice Cream and ZombiesCollapse )

Panel: The Legend of NeilCollapse )

Panel: The House That Drips Blood on AlexCollapse )

Dinner: Rock BottomCollapse )

San Diego Marriott Gaslamp: AfterpartyCollapse )

It has been a long day, and Comic-Con is almost over. Tomorrow, thankfully, promises to be less exciting. But that doesn't mean that, like the rest of Comic-Con, it will not have surprises in store for me.
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Current Music: Crash and the Boys - We Hate You Please Die

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