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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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August 24th, 2010

11:51 pm - Comic-Con 2010, Day 3: The Curse of the Red Pearl
Friday morning, my plans are somewhat more fluid, except that it is the only time I can visit the Scott Pilgrim vs. Comic-Con Experience, and I must experience it!

Breakfast: The Broken YolkCollapse )

Experience: Scott Pilgrim vs. Comic-ConCollapse )

Failed Signing: Jed Whedon and Maurissa TancharoenCollapse )

Signing: Brian Michael BendisCollapse )

Exhibit Hall: Killing TimeCollapse )

Panel: BonesCollapse )

Panel: The Joss Whedon ExperienceCollapse )

Pre-Panel: Girls Gone GenreCollapse )

Meeting: The Legend of NeilCollapse )

Panel: Girls Gone GenreCollapse )

Unexpected Meeting: Marti NoxonCollapse )

Unexpected Meeting: Michele BoydCollapse )

Fulfillment Room: Field Trip from HellCollapse )

Dinner: Red Pearl KitchenCollapse )

I walk back to my hotel room and collapse on the bed around nine. I can't get up. I am so tired. Exhausted. I zonk out and miss out on whatever crazy parties Rae goes to, whatever Dahlia does when she gets into town.

I'm going to need to recuperate before Saturday, after all.
Current Mood: hothot
Current Music: Rachel Bloom - Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury

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