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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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May 20th, 2010

08:35 pm - From Vienna to Paris with Stops in Manhattan, Berlin, and the Space-Time Continuum
It has been almost six months since my last batch of capsule movie reviews. Yet, I watched most of them in the last few weeks. Luckily, there were no major clunkers in this bunch!

Before Sunrise: ACollapse )

Primer: B+Collapse )

The Shop Around the Corner: B/B+Collapse )

What's Up, Tiger Lily?: BCollapse )

The Station Agent: A-Collapse )

Dial M for Murder: B+Collapse )

Double Indemnity: B+Collapse )

Manhattan: B-Collapse )

Crimes and Misdemeanors: B+Collapse )

The Lives of Others: B+/A-Collapse )

Once Upon a Time in the West: B/B+Collapse )

Before Sunset: B+/A-Collapse )

I don't have a specific queueueueue waiting on my DVR for the next batch. Instead, I am considering getting Netflix so I can watch whatever movie I choose. But in this new paradigm, should I continue posting movie reviews?

Poll #1567153 Cowbert and LJ at the Movies

How would you like me to review movies in the future?

You should write little capsule reviews like these and post a batch every now and then.
You should post only full reviews of movies you really like, as soon as you see them.
You should keep your opinions to yourself, bucko.

Should I include movies not rented through Netflix?

Yes, review any and all movies you see.
No, make special Netflix-movie posts.
That is the dumbest question I have ever heard.

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