May 19th, 2010


Live Alone, Die Together


Have you seen io9's round-up of the casting tapes?? So cool! Matthew Fox and Jorge Garcia make surprisingly good Sawyers. Dominic Monaghan, not so much. And I'm sad to say that Evangeline Lilly's Kate audition actually is better than Yunjin Kim's, but I'm glad they created Sun for her.

Have you seen Jezebel's music video of All the People Who Died? Six years of deaths in six minutes (from the pilot through last week's episode, before we found out What They Died For last night). Good times, good times.

Have you seen EW's Totally Lost featuring Doc Jensen, Dan Snierson, and...Jacob the Intern? It's hilarious.

You guys! I don't have the time and energy to do a true retrospective like toastandtea, but...Lost!! Six years! I watched from the pilot! The ride is finally coming to an end, and, well, I'm okay with that because they've been building up to this deliberately for the last three years, and I respect that. I will admit that this season hasn't been as totally awesome as the last two, but I still love the show and all the discussion it incites. Not to mention the hilarity. Pop culture phenomenon, and all that.

Anyway, I just wanted a space for everyone to share their favorite Lost memories, either from the show or related to the fandom or cast or media or whatever. This is not a place to be bitter or angry about killing off characters or not answering questions. This is a place to revel in the Lost experience. Remember that one episode that started with an eye shot?? You know, like that.